Currency Exchange to combat RMT

Just a thought, but is there any possibility of Smilegate intervening into the legitimate market and fixing the gold prices for the royal crystal exchange like a stimulus of sorts?

Our current NA/EU prices are around 650-700 gold per 238 royal crystals. However, KR rates are around 2.3-2.5k gold per 238 royal crystals which I believe helps tremendously in deterring the RMT market.

Wouldn’t this encourage cashflow directly into the game and away from the bots/rmt market and ultimately squeeze them out if the exchange rate came close to what the botters can offer? I feel like that would help end or at least alleviate the fight against bots.

The only con I see is that would increase the cost of mats in the overall economy again. However, there would also be more gold flowing down from the whale/spenders to the f2p/dolphins where selling gems/gear/acc would give them enough gold to hone without the added stress of going broke.

TL;DR: If SG arbitrarily sets gold prices on exchange, more funds for AGS/SG, more gold to players, harmful to bots/rmt. Win win?

Currency Exchange is player driven they have nothing to do with it. The more players exchange Royal Crystals for Gold the more Blue Crystals they generate for players to spend Gold on.

Also the only reason KR rates are so high is because their inflation is also 4 times higher. If you look at their prices on stuff everything is 3-4 times more expensive on the in-game Market.

Also there’s already no reason to even use Mari’s Shop right now so no need to buy Blue Crystals either apart from Skins/Aura. EVERYTHING on Mari’s is more expensive than Market now. For a while green and blue juicing % honing chance mats were cheaper on Mari’s but now even those are not worth it anymore because the price of Blue Crystals went up from 480g to 700g and those honing % chance mats stayed roughly the same on Market.

No this will screw all the f2p gamers because they cannot earn crystals anymore.

Stimulus is a horrible fucking idea. Look what it did to cause the inflation in the real world. It rarely plays the way you want it to play. Don’t inject more gold. The only way to combat this is to just crack down on bots harder. We need to ensure bots cannot farm significant amount of gold and/or mats. This needs some fundamental changes in the way the game plays such as reducing gold from rapport or collectibles and increasing it in abyss dungeons.

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Let’s skip the part where market is stable and go right into inflation stage. What a great idea :slight_smile:

I actually partially agree, if they could somehow make buying gold from them the same price as buying the chinese gold no one would risk their accounts buying botted gold. Its very important that this is done in a way to not ruin economy or fuck over free to play players. Koreas gems are high because players are making shit tons of gold, here players are scraping by.

I don’t think that’s fully true? Though I guess it kinda depends on the region. I’m on EUC (despite living in the US… friends wanted to play there and I’m the only one who stuck with the game), but I believe the NA market prices are decently higher. So there the Mari prices will be more competitive with the market.

For EUC, for me Mari is mostly worth it for honor leapstones (both kinds, the price of 5 regular = 1 great as you’d expect) right now. Even now that our crystal prices have shot up to ~700, using Mari is still like 20+ gold cheaper per great leapstone. So I’ve been selling my unbound ones and then getting more than I started with from Mari.

players in kr can make over 100k a week only throu raids… and f2p would need to pay 2.5k per 95 blue crystals wich means pheos are just 25k… wich is 1-2 weeks worth of gold atm…