Currency Exchange took 56.4k Gold

I purchased crystals from the shop, i then posted those crystals for around 53k gold. I was notified in game that the sale had completed, but when I go to the currency exchange, while it does say my crystals sold, there is no gold for me to claim!

Would like my crystals, gold, or cash back…

pic for proof

Character Name: Silyntnight
Character Server: Azena

is this not the correct place to post this?

Hey @Silyntnight hope you’re having a great day!

I do apologize for this situation with the lost gold that you had exchanged your crystals for. Have you tried verifying the steam files integrity and restarting the game and computer then check if you have them available:

If not you can escalate it through the website so our peers can take a deeper dive into this issue!

Hope it’s helpful!

Thanks for the suggestion, but this did not resolve my issue.


Hey @Silyntnight hope you’re having a nice day, glad to hear this situation with your lost gold during the exchange was resolved. Wish you a nice day! Remember you can use the links posted above for further assistance in any issue related to the game.