Current amount of gold?

I currently have around 80k gold, 500 hours, 2 characters(1415 and 1340) and fully F2P

I just wanted to know how much do you guys have so i can see if i’m doing ok

I had 0 gold yesterday 2 characters T3, 1415 & 1385 and now at 2k with selling mats.

I’m a compulsive hooner. I have no gold.

80 I don’t sit on my gold

2k Gold


having a lot of cash in economy of inflation is not something I would call “doing well”. Amount of gold itself says nothing. It can be changed into resources and back, it can be invested to make more resources…

The game doesn’t show a “total wealth” of an account so comparison is lacking :slight_smile: But remember, gold on account has ROA=0

Around 24K. Been making around 3k per day just selling off the unbound Great Honors from my 3 1370+ alts while I’m not actively honing (or planning on honing super soon). Recently spent about 7K upgrading my damage/cooldown gems for my Shadowhunter main or it’d be a bit more.

I’m fluctuating in gold constantly going back and forth from 500g to 8k from honing or whatever.

20k gold right now. Saving a bit for when prices go down in a week, so that I can buy materials - if needed - to push some alts towards 1415.

I usually don’t have any gold at all, because besides getting lucky, the only way to make a decent amount of gold is selling honing materials. Well, I need them myself to upgrade, so I can’t sell them.

I had about 250k but invested about 150k of it recently because of the out of control inflation threatening to wipe it out. F2P btw.

1x 1415 2x1340 21k gold and I’ll probably upgrade the Destroyer to 1370+ today.

338 gold, working towards my legendary engravings and sitting with tens of thousands of gold worth of stuff waiting for prices to go back up :slight_smile:

Gold founders pack + Ark Pass, 7 chars (1x1440 and 6x1370) and 1200 hours played.

Current gold and got another 90k invested.