Current and Future State of Lost Ark PvP

KR wasn’t really into PvP, RU didn’t have forums, we are in reality the first community to really push for PvP and PvP improvements on the scale we are pushing it (I know there is obviously some community members who pushed ideas for RU).

They already did a balance pass addressing the strength of Supports in PvP so they are obviously already starting to do a lot more than they did previously for KR/RU likely because the Western community is pushing PvP fairly hard.

If nothing of substance were to come after this patch for months I’ll believe you but will see.

Sweet… so in other words… we passed the buck along, and still nothing has change… so GL with that! lol

Personally I’m glad the PvP isn’t popular
Reaching top 200 is actually realistic. I want to flex after the season is over on PvE kiddies with my shiny mount

There’s literally tournaments for money lmfao

There’s a steep learning curve
All classes are represented in the top 200 worldwide
So any really struggle is a l2p issue

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pvp in this game is basically not taken seriosly. And the reason for this is because smilegate has shown that outside of very MINOR changes, they do not balance, and have not balanced pvp. The matchmaking is so awful, that them going years without changing it in KR just goes to show pvp isn’t important. No pvp game I have ever played will match a diamond/master rank player with a bronze. None. Not a single game, besides this one that is. Add in to the horrible class balance which exists, and you have a game mode no one cares about.

And its sad, because if smilegate actually tried to balance pvp more ppl might play it.

Then you never played a pvp game with low population . Every single game does that if the population is low and it has soloQ, if the matchmaking cannot find enough players from same rank, then it try to make teams with players from different ranks, but it tries to match the average team rating. It is the same in GW2 for example, same in ff14 pvp

What is so “horrible” about the balance? Could you elaborate?

I think PvP improvements are in the roadmap but unfortunately it may be too late.

In terms of ranked, MMR is terrible. This should be the #1 thing addressed instead of balance. Points gained/lost per match is pretty static… this should be dynamic according to the players you win/lose against.

Season length is also ridiculous. The rewards are great but why are seasons 6 months in length? They would retain more player interest if seasons were shorter. They’d also be able to gather more data for future patches.

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Bruh there are more than 15 classes in this game, if you think about it you will realise that balancing 15 classes whom all have different identities, more than 10 viable pvp abilities each with dozens of tripod combinations + 1000 points in stats is very difficult thing to do. And i must say that for me a master striker the game feels rather balanced. You should understand that the skill capacity that the game provides is huge, there is alot of room for a player to grow his skills, even if you are very good unless you play 100% concetrated on the PvP you wont win, its hardcore so its not for anyone and thats why people keep hating on it, they expect that when they see casual PvE grinding to have the same with PvP which in fact is 100% opposite. The PvP in this game is not for weak minded people that dont want to grow or for casual people.

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In my last few PVP coop battles, Gunlancer with 150,000 hit points, when I use a skill on the other team players a large majority says immune due to the anti stun-lock shield, but they can keep me airborne for my entire 150,000 hit points bar and interrupt all my instant abilites. If anyone can explain how this is possible I would greatly appreciate it, gunlancer is the heaviest class yet thrown around like a rag doll.

More modes for competitive is a must, at minimum you need both solo and premade 3v3 Team Deathmatch…

This one statement shows how shortsighted and flimsy your reasoning is. Do you know what’s likely the number 1 why they did not create premade 3v3 competitive? Because it would create a whole new dimension to class balance that they’d have to juggle along with all the other work they have to do. It would create hundreds more threads (regardless of their merit) of balancing suggestions, crying and moaning and finger-pointing about 3-member comp balance that would just add chaos to what is already a relatively palatable competitive PvP scene. So, NO don’t fix what’s not broken, unless you’re ready to overhaul it all.

“Players of wildly different MMRS should not be put together, no 2 support teams, 1 has none”

Naivete at its finest. The MMR isn’t about being fair. It’s a system to MATCH YOU with WHAT’S AVAILABLE and then ADJUST ACCORDINGLY. You don’t like being matched up in a wider spectrum of MMRs? Then don’t play at low population times. No one’s forcing you to play at any given hour.

You’re making up your own red lines of what’s “wrong” with the system and what should and should not be allowed in competitive. You have no idea how their matchmaking system works and it’s got way more parameters than just a single number being matched to someone else’s number. I’ve had plenty of fun matches with one-dimensional teams. Are you saying teams have to be “well-rounded” to be “competitive”? Or are you just being closed-minded because you refuse any effort to make a winning strategy with an unorthodox comp?

And do you really think that having “rounded” comps and tight MMR matching is going to prevent players from having a bad pvp match? People will have bad experiences regardless and no algorithm can prevent that. If anything your idea will only make for BLAND experiences. It’s all wishful, ball-clutching thinking.

100% agree

It’s this drivel right here why nobody plays this game. All the chest pounding of what not to do. Yah, how’s PvP working out for LA…? I think that should some up YOUR ideas and the Dev ideas suck balls…at least for NA.

imo people only PvP really because of the mats that it gives for PvE, if there were no mats the number of players pvping would go down significantly, i for one this the PvP is unbalanced and trash

even when i go in and almost can kill the whole enemy team i still think the pvp is garbage, matchmaking is horrible, all in all remove the mats from the PvP vendor and in turn decrease the amount of mats needed to hone, saves us all the headache of not wanting to PvP feel forced to PvP because of the mats

While this topic is old as heck so i’m not sure why people dug it up, what you’re saying here at this point in PVP is accurate. Without the materials incentive PvP in lost ark would be dead so anyone defending it in it’s current state is being awfully silly.

Nobody would do anything in this game without the rewards. :rofl:

Not only that sesson is to long but they remove skins from it our seson is total miss match up to date amount of ability point to spend remove skin’s like in kr yet mmr system is old

“The frustration has been heard and developers find it fun”