Current community sentiment?

While waiting for weekly reset I had a little time to think about what the situation might be like from the other side. Don’t envy the CMs right now, but if they see this, hopefully it gives a little smile.

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Well, it might be as well just like that on the other side :slight_smile: I worked in e-commerce company and they had bi-weekly release schedule on Thursdays… we called it p0rn-Thursday because it absolutely looked like on this picture, everything had to be tested and be top-notch on the release but in reality there always was hotfix following the release, people worked like 10h minimum on those Thursdays to meet the deadline. Fun times. Don’t recommend. Stick to CD workflow guys.

Thought it was understood next update is likely to happen on the 30th?

None cares because nothing is happening or it’s a happy surprise. If players start doing market shenanigans and hystery immediately when they announce a patch, there’s a fair chance that they’ll start rolling the patches in silently and then releasing their marketing content regarding it to keep things clean