Current Gamestate

Just some notes:

Today’s Pheon incident:

  • External Communication: From misleading (twitter reply) to non-existant and unacceptable.

  • Internal Communication: Apparently absolutely in shambles.

  • Amount of Pheons: Not even excessive as others have said.

  • Extra 2 HRS (EDIT: more than 2 hours, i don’t even know anymore) of maintenance: unnecessary and unacceptable.

  • Smilegate/AGSs’ chosen solution:

Unfair either way: Either people who spent their gifted Pheons get to keep them while others have them taken away, or they get negative Pheons (also unfair, since they could argue they would not have spent them in that way had they not been free in the first place).

Bad PR: Also, it’s the worst possible solution for players since you end up with a negative atmosphere and everyone being upset either way…

The way the whole tripod change has been handled: Incompetent, with information on too short of a notice and apparently a lack of knowledge regarding the importance of the change and potential complications for players.

Disconnect Issues since last maintenance: Potentially experience ruining and a major inconvenience. Not handled with the necessary acknowledgement and urgency imo.

Marketing and handling of future content releases: No hype building, lack of communication and official posts.

Ingame and New Player experience: Bots still persistent. BC prices still hiking. Ability Stones still cost Pheons and even transferring accessories or stones from one character to another does. Market for non-optimal accessories is thus still dead, leading to less experimentation with builds, less activity on the Auction House and inflated gold prices on other things.

I really enjoy this game and i play it way too much. I am not gonna sit here and pretend like stuff like this will make me quit the game or anything similar. But after you make this type of mistake you have to own up to it, the way this has gone is one of the worst possible.

And both types of communication, internal and external, really need to be worked on, sorry. Not trying to blame the community managers on here either, they probably almost aren’t at fault at all and will get a lot of unwarranted hate on here.

Anyway, wishing everyone on here a beautiful day :slight_smile: