Current In-game Economy system Feedback

I hope your team has noticed that in-game currency (Gold) is becoming a more significant factor than the Royal Crystal and Blue Crystal.

The reason I’m worry about this is because I found out that even the “Mari’s shop” is not worth to buy materials now, the prices are not competitive according to the auction. This may cause people rather use action house to buy those materials, skins, or anything that can be sold from the LostArk shop than exchange their gold to Blue Crystal.

In this case, players who purchased the Royal Crystal would be unable to sell it and get gold for in game activities, and this situation would reduce the total in-come of the game and provide space to those RMT and Gold Sellers.

I hope this feedback could help you understand the in-game gold situation is pretty bad, the value of gold is getting way too high and make everything else become worthless.