Current situation and AGS/Smilegate Plans

Dear AGS and Smilegate employee,

i think now its enough.

For my self im a software dev. with my own team. If is delivere such an product with this server, i never will get any customers again and dont sell anything in future.

Any software/game dev. got whatever simple math or im the only one?
They are thounds of player in Q, and u reopen old servers to get more people on it because u want to get new player into the game? Awesome Idea, make the Q longer! Great. What an Earth you thinking now what happen with ur crap new cluster? Correct, nothing. Q will stay until Player leaves LA and lost his trust in you. Awesome PR or?

The Limit of the single server are on cap? What an earth you develop in the last years for the West Port? Nothing? A wait yeah u change the Store instead improving the server architecture.

Everyone with a normal job (8-10h on day like me) cant play anymore. (20k Q, great)
Youve done a realy great job to make a great port in this years of developement with an big publisher in background.

(Im Sorry for my realy bad english atm, but its so bad like you server architecture and you plans to resolve this problem)

for now i wait 3 month then maybe i play again. Keep my 2 Founders Package, have with the money.