Current State of Auction House on NAE

It’s unusable. @Roxx


Hey you got a search in under 10 refreshes.

Good work

The best is when you are hitting refresh so fast that it finally loads but you’ve clicked one too many times then it disappears . Also you can’t even go to the second page of listings most of the time it gives an error.


I love coming back not only to this after a 6 month break but prices on shit is like 10x as much for some things as well

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Another 50 or so to see page 2

I guess accessing the Auction House now is also RNG

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I think they are all on vacation and just left us to deal with it. No response whatsoever…

Maybe on Monday we might heard something along the line of: We will pass this to the team

By than, bot probably know they are back from vacation and might of stop doing what they are doing.

It seems these issues arise only during weekend and vacation time. Bots have their schedules down

Staying connected is RNG
Losing your lockouts RNG
Shopping RNG

It pretty much fits with the theme of the game anyway

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