Current State of EU Matchmaking

Tying to get into guardian raid for 30 minutes straight, constantly getting “someone is not ready” when everyone is.

Matchmaking failing with the message “Try later …”

The PvP windows when trying to search is delayed this is the same with any type of matchmaking.

Sometimes even waiting as long as 2 mins for it to open and not just for it to open you have a further delay from clicking search before it recognizes and actually starts the search.

20 minutes trying to queue into a tower SOLO…
Yeah, AGS not going to do anything I think, not because they don’t want to… but because they can’t I think due to limitations. If adding a server was the thing they had to do it would have been done already.

I think they are betting on people getting tired of this and move to EU West where there are no queues, no lag and no cross-server instance issues.

This is simply because the EU servers are overloaded. Even with the release of EU West region.
Who would’ve guessed that all of us who have invested tons of hours in our characters wouldn’t swap over to another region where they’ll be cut off from their friends?

I think Amazon made some bad calls as far as the EU region is concerned when the game launched. We needed more servers. They made a good decision by locking character creation to stop it from getting worse but for some reason they got rid of that way too soon.

@Roxx @Seawolf @TrevzorFTW This is a critical issue that needs a fix RIGHT NOW. Week-end is starting, it’s gonna be a disaster otherwise.

It already is a disaster for over a week. Anyways there is nothing more we can do. AGS is aware of the stability issue(s) and hopefully they will ------eventually be able to fix it… or they just hope it will resolve itself with time when more and more people are tired and go play Elden Ring next week or something.

If any community manager sees this please make sure that AGS get that info in case they don’t know that, but they should already. It’s literally impossible to do your daily chaos dungeons, guardians raid and weekly abyss if you don’t do it early in the morning, because after 13:00 it’s impossible to get into a dungeon and that’s hapening untill late hours, im talking about 00:00-01:00 … It’s unplayable 12 hours a day, that’s half of the day everyday… Please do something about that. Thanks.

Don’t worry. They see it, but have “orders” to just shut up and don’t even react cuz their stupid PR.
Like they already know from reddit/youtube as well here as forum, that EU Central is in horrible shape and is totally fucked up 5 days straight already with MM/group/party/SOLO instances. Zinnervale is FULL with shitton of people in queue from 13 CET already and already matchmaking is fucked from 14h until like 1am.

Half of the endgame content outside of stupid G quest spam is fucked and unplayeble in the most active hours for regular people and they just ignore it and are silent. They just give up and waiting until people will just quit for good and fix their problems. Just lazy ass solution.