Currently 1380 as a bard and i can't pass the t2 tower

it’s all in the title what the fuck

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Need moar grudge.


u need to use all bleed runes. just put down harp, note bundle and run around with march. if u cant dodge use rhapsody.

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lol who u stuck on?

my friend finished all of it at 1370 on his bard, so at least i can say its definitely doable on the class
but it’s probably really hard
he did say it takes him a long time to finish some floors because of the lack of damage

i cleared it at ~1325. I used the chaos build from maxroll, except i swapped some abilities that could help build my gauge and support me more for the last few floors. (I brought the shield ability, and the harp, so I could have sustainable dmg while im dodging). Having melody increase on my abilities also helped so i could save my pots for emergencies and abuse bard’s heals/shields.

With 1380? Wtf? :o

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I found it very annoying but also did it around 1045

You just need the nice DPS tripods and the one that makes monsters detonate onto a named/boss type monster.

I went all the way till floor 50 with my bard at the same ilvl than the tower. I stopped at 50 because it would have taken me too long to pass it at ilvl 1040/1090.

Bard is really fine and I found it much easier than doing it on my deathblade :thinking:

But you need to have a good opti, what I did was:

  • chaos build from maxroll
  • Fury engraving x3
  • the DPS engraving from the bard, can’t remember the name

And you destroy the tower.

BUT, for the last 2 flours you will need another build. You can take the same base as the DPS one but need to add more support abilities.

If you are blocked at the mage where you need to avoid the AOEs, here you just need to use your shields, push immunity at the right timing and it is easy peasy.

I did full tower 2 at the minimum Ilvl possible for it. You basically need the chaos build, but primarily you’ll be using Storm, Prelude of Death and Soundholic. The secret is to use Awakening skill AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. If its a dps check boss, use Oratario. If you need shields, use Symphonia. Learn the patterns and just spam. Bard is easy as hell in tower imo.

I cleared it with the support build (maxroll), exchanged awakening skill from symphonia to oratorio(the skill you use for chaos). If you build swiftness bard, using support build fills your meter very fast (and saves your bum from the death), you can save it for the boss when the bar left is around 1 or so, when it starts to go rage mode. Use the serenade of courage + awakening. Thats one of the option to kill this boss without changing some things on your build like engravings and stuff.

I managed to get it after a lot of deaths. Floors 47 (I think, it was the one with the spider boss after 2 other bosses) and 50 are the hardest. Main thing is to memorize attack patterns. It took me easily over 20+ deaths to finish floor 50 after of which I could clear the entire thing after only getting hit a few times.

Get lightning fury engraving to at least level 2, it consistently did 150-200k damage when it activated for me (really great when you need to spend a lot of time dodging). Lightning fury up to purple is extraordinarily cheap, so I would highly suggest it.
Floor 47 specifically:

  1. Don’t remember as well as 50, but spamming damage as fast as possible was important. Also, make sure to kill all spider mobs as quickly as possible. They are what kill you after you get stunned.

  2. prepare for good healing, desperate salvation engraving was best for me (with lightning fury). You get stunned so much that you are certain to take a lot of damage.

Floor 50 specifically:

  1. As mentioned above, awakening is important. However, from what I remember on floor 50 it only gets hard after 1.5x of its health bar is left so make sure you have an awakening (Oratario preferably) prepared to use right around there so you can use it twice during its hardest phase.

  2. Always dodge clockwise around the boss during its hardest phase. It shoots a laser that does massive damage that also rotates clockwise.

  3. The hardest phase causes the ground to be hidden so you cant see red circles, so make sure to memorize the attacks. The massive AOE has two versions, one yellow and one white, so make sure to get the distances down.

How? I cleared it while still in t2. Are you just ignoring mechanics and facetanking everything or whut?

So I tried this T2 tower for the first time yesterday.
Very first fight is an annoying darkness fight.
Then 2nd some boss in very small area that instant kills if you get hit by knockback.

Im sure after seeing the gimmick I could get through but it is really just not fun when they clearly aim to annoy the player.
Was at least thinking it would start normally but with this start I lost interest completely for now.

Bards dmg need to be buffed at least up to 50 % to catch up at least to paladin.

I got a tip for everyone, since you should have alts anyways just switch to some juicy dps alt and enjoy rewards. I did 50 floors at min ilvl and had no issues as berserker, I completely see no point of doing it as 1.3k ilvl. Mats has no value and you only get masterpiece which is great but the whole point of tower is to get juicy t2 mats.

I finished with 1320 on my pally and 1100 with my berserker can say for sure zerker was much easier.

bruh come on man…

I did it on Paladin…it did take ages though compared to a pure dps. I’d suggest setting up the support class for all damage… basically create a new greedy dps preset (that you would never bring into ordinary content). Tower is gonna be slow on a support class but totally doable. Also there are some great guides up on youtube for those awkward floors.

Tell me you swiped to 1380 without telling me you swiped?

Let this put the p2w argument to rest, finally.