"Cursed" status

I downloaded the game to play recently and I have a problem that makes it impossible for me to use the game market, I already deposited 5 dollars on steam, I activated steamguard and nothing, when I tried to access the game market it blocked me, and it’s been weeks since I’ve had the same problem.

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The trusted status may take up to 30 days to show after depositing $5.

If you are outside this 30 day window I would recommend getting in contact with steam support, so they can assist you.

If they confirm trusted status and you are still unable to access certain in-game functions, please contact our support.

I will also be moving this post over to the game support section of the forums if you have any further enquiries.

Hope all goes well!

Hello @dooouugg.viianna !

I understand you have met the requirements to get the trusted status but you haven’t got them yet. As @OminousOnion , After you meet all the requirements, it can take up to 30 days for the status to be issued to your account. In the meantime, I can gladly check, just in case there is anything missing! Could you please reply to this post with your game’s character’s name, server and region please?

Do keep in mind that we’re not able to grant the trusted status manually, and the best I can do is to check your account.

Thank you for understanding!


Character: “Yuyïn”, Server “Kazeros”, Region: South America

Character : Angabi
Server : Trixion , Centrale EU

I am haveing the same problem.
I have contacted Steam and i got this respons :
Message from Steam Support on Feb 12 @ 3:47am | 8 hours ago


Thank you for contacting Steam Support.

We understand the situation that you are in.

Unfortunately, Steam Support is unable to adjust your Steam account or assist you in updating your status to ‘trusted’ in Lost Ark.

I have contacted Amazon , same thing , i was informed that my account status is pending .
And i did all the steps for getting an trusted status .

Character: “Yuyïn”, Server “Kazeros”, Region: South America
You can see for me ?

if you havent do this, try this. buy some royal crystal then wait.

Hello everyone!

Hello @dooouugg.viianna , @gabrielllanghelll (Welcome to the forums!) .

@dooouugg.viianna after checking your account, I can see that the system is also processing your trusted status.
@gabrielllanghelll I can confirm that the system is still processing your trusted status.
I advise you to please wait for some time while the system grants you the status. Unfortunately I can’t give you an ETA for when this will happen. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for understanding!


I’ve been playing for several weeks now and I still don’t have trusted status, this is disappointing because the items I get in the game I can’t sell, and stuck without being able to progress, with several golden books standing still that I could be selling to improve my character, without count the headache of not being able to buy anything.

Another update goes by and nothing about the trusted status is resolved, I’m going to take a break from the game and come back when I’m free to play, I was thinking about buying skins in game, but I see that it’s not safe, because I have no guarantee of being able to enjoy of all game functions someday.