Custom blacklist mail filter needed

Why do I have to receive these

Neither do I care how much lost ark gold is, nor do I want to buy or sell it. I want to play the game and that’s all.
I know that you don’t want to bother with them, but at least give me and all the others the option to write an own blacklist of words that will block or auto delete all mails that do not come from the system itself.
It is getting a chore in itself to delete these mails on all the chars, and I do not even want you to do something about it. Just give me the chance to do something about it by providing a blacklist option.

Would be great for the chat as well, so that not just common words get censored to the point where you have to write every third sentence two to three times.
But that would be just convenience. The blacklist for mails is not convenience but desperately needed.