Custom Chat Tabs show only my own messages

Since the Patch i have the bug that within my custom Chat Tabs, let’s take GUILD for example, i only see my own messages that i wrote to the guild and SOME of the messages of guild members.
When i watch the NORMAL channel I can see that my Guildmates wrote several comments into the Guildchannel which were not shown in my special GUILD Chattab (which only shows GUILD messages)

Someone else got this problem? Relog did not help (See picture for comparison of 2 tabs)

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try deleting the tab and re-creating a new one with same settings

Already did this, did not help either :frowning:
Guildemate just tested it and has the same issue

Edit: Just saw it is not ONLY MY messages, but SOME Guild messages from certain Accounts are shown.

Perhaps that has sth to do with Matchmaking Optimizations? Or with the Character DB and instancing?

I have this exact same issue, so annoying :frowning:

Yeah Chatbug is terrible all Time after PvP or Raid /Abyss the Chat dont work right was in New World the same issue hope the fix it soon