Customer support is useless

Customer support literally does nothing but make any problem you have worse. Usually they would say they are escalating it to the concerned department then u never hear from them again. Today i made a small error, with a very simple fix and this is what i got for a reply

Elizabeth Ashly [7:26:12 AM] : Hi my name is Elizabeth. I am here to help you.
Elizabeth Ashly [7:26:18 AM] : How can I assist you today?
Me [7:27:27 AM] : hi there
Me [7:27:35 AM] : i made a purchase for an item that bound to character
Me [7:27:41 AM] : but i accidently made it on the wrong character
Me [7:27:49 AM] : im hoping the item can be moved to the proper character
Elizabeth Ashly [7:28:23 AM] : Totally understand your concern, unfortunately once you have claimed, deleted or bought an item/reward, it’s stuck on that character therefore we cannot swap, change or return them.

The fact they cant move an item worth 400 gold to my other character because i bought t2 instead of t3 shards on my main is lazy, and them saying it cant be done is BULL.

It just seems anytime you contact support you get a run around, more angry, or wait 2 weeks with no reply to your issue… why amazon why?

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They’ve never been able to move bound items to different characters. Go look through the previous threads. Expecting support to bend over backwards every time someone makes a mistake like what you did and fix it, they wouldn’t ever have time to do anything else. Now you know to make sure you’re on the right character when you buy a bound item. It’s the same for people who decide not to claim their login rewards and every time, without fail, when the login reward changes they submit 5000000 tickets saying “where did the stuff go? I can’t claim it now? Give it to me anyway” and it’s gone, then they make a thread just like this one complaining that support is useless.

Why do people here keep blaming others for their mistakes?

What’s the support’s fault that you’re not paying attention to what you’re doing?

Don’t blame others for not being able to do anything to change things that are not intended in the game.

And here is the problem. You made two assumptions, and then immediately head to the forum to complain when you own assumptions were broken.

The harsh reality; this was a mistake of your own creation.
So I’ll be the first to outright say your attitude, like many others who come running to these forums to attack customer support agents who are simply doing their job and answering your question, is shocking.

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This isn’t new, CS isn’t there to fix your legitimate mistakes.

Back in wow I bought the wrong tier piece, I took the longshot and contacted support, nope. It’s not on them to fix YOUR mistakes and if they do (like when i accidently de’d something and their restore tool wasn’t working) you should thank them profusely, because if they fixed every mistake someone made they’d have no time for real issues.