Customization load failed


previous saved customizations discarded

since todays patch when i tried to load my mage saved presets it failed and deleted it.
i had 2 saved from launch week and 1 new one saved earlier this week


Same thing happening for me.
Though I got “lucky” by clicking cancel on this prompt, then it doesnt delete it, and I have backups but still, can’t get any of the previously saved ones to load no matter what.


Thanks for reporting this, hugthulhu. I’m sorry to see your customization load failed!

I’ll get a bug report written up to the development team for you.


Confirmed that it’s an ongoing problem!!!

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Thank you for letting me know you’re having this issue as well.

As an update, I’ve forwarded this thread to the development team. I hope everyone here has a great day.


also happening to me they were working fine before

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This also happened to me, and i made a report but have had NO reply…
This is my post…

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Same thing happened to me. Big sad.

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PRO TIP: Very helpful if you accidently deleted the saved customizations. You can click to ‘reskin’ one of your active characters from the character selection screen, don’t need a ticket just hit yes when it says you can buy one in the trial. This will take you to the character customization screen where you can then immediately re-save the customizations for that character, this re-save will then work for loading for new characters. Hope this helps some people save their stuff.