Customization tickets

Sorry for the trouble, not trying to be a beggar here, but do you guys ever plan on giving us free customization tickets? Was really surprised we didn’t get any ever since the big “apology” from Argos

Despite getting new hair and mage ear changes.

Or at least let us buy tickets for blue crystals? Just a thought

Thank you for your time

The current daily login reward has a customization ticket as day20 bonus reward, if I remember correctly


If thats the case, thats great to hear
Sorry wasn’t aware

Checked in game to be sure, this is the Day 20 Login Reward and it is an Appearance Customization Ticket and can be used until 09/28/2022 10:00 UTC

We also got such a free ticket earlier as a reward for…I don’t remember.

Seems not to be that often, but every 3 months or so, maybe :wink:

It was a few weeks or months back, I think? Because I remember changing my preset once, but don’t know when that was :see_no_evil: