Customized character presets were deleted because of PATCH... previous presets you have saved are not compatible!

I (pre) made a few character presets for me to choose which one I liked to use at a later date. I went to select my presets and they were deleted…

This happened with 3 of my presets. I can understand 1 maybe having a bug in them, but 3? They were all made at different times/days.
What is happening?

Can someone please look into this as I took a long time making these presets and now they are gone… I looked in the Customisation folder and they were no longer there.

@Roxx or someone that deals with this area…

Valtan server.


Is there anyone else out there with the same problem?

I know there is as I have checked the Lost Ark Discord too. Other people’s presets have been deleted too.

So if yours have been deleted, post here so they will look into it.
I’m just one person…

Edit: Presets that were made before tonights update.

Yeah, every preset created before todays Hotfix has invalid customization info and couldn’t be loaded… nice one :triumph:

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I took a lot of time making them, with the hope to use them sometime. But now the files have ‘invalid customization info’… rendering them useless.

Is this due to the new hairstyles coming next week?

If so, why does hair make the files invalid?

Here are 2 characters that will never be part of the game…
A mage

A galaivier

They are both gone forever.

So there is no reply to this?

Is there going to be a fix?
I know that there are a lot of people that have taken a lot of time making presets that would love to know if all their work is for nothing… I am one of these people… I have many saved presets that I have made, and shared that are no longer useable because of this latest patch.

I and many others hope for a reply…
@Roxx @xXNightXx @DevonK @Firus @Firuxe @aePixie Anyone out there?

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:boom: :eyes: :boom:

Here’s hoping this gets looked at. I bought a customization ticket to change some things and found out about none of my presets working. Yay for wasting some money due to our Frankenstein code.


I suppose we are not going to get an answer…

C’mon guys… just show us that you are aware of this problem…

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YEP, this needs to be addressed for sure. also keep bumping this until we get a response

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I was told that there were other posts on this subject with a reply from AGS saying that they are aware of this problem.
If there are other posts, I can’t find them.

Even so, they need to say something on this post as well because I haven’t heard, nor seen anything except hearsay.

Need a reply…
@Centeotl @Roxx

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but it happens to many of us, isn’t it a general error?

Yeah I tried to make a little bit change on my bard preset yesterday so I can just put the new hair on her next week but I got the same message and now my preset is gone :sob: Pleasee I don’t want to do the same thing again it took so long to make that preset and I spent time every day changing a bit on her to make it perfect :sneezing_face:

Its best to backup your presets…
I do this all the time as I make and share presets. I just didnt have a chance to backup my presets last night as I was still working on them…


Now they are gone.

Yeah I think I have it shared on discord, but I hope I will be able to use it so I don’t have to make it again it’s just took so long and I don’t think I will ever be able to make it the same again :pleading_face:

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Hey there @Destiny1,

Welcome to our forums @WhereAreMyPresets

Sorry to hear about this customized presets gone and not addressing this right away. Didn’t mean to concern you. Will gladly assist.
Those are pretty sick @Destiny1.

So I don’t have info on this right now @hugthulhu, @Jaimeworld, @lovelybun @Kirihito, @Draiz but will ask, make sure devs are aware and update you guys on wether presets were wiped or what happened.

Will ask about your customization ticket @draiz.

Best wishes!


the preset file still exist. its just that I get an error and then asks if want to delete it. which im sure alot of people did.

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They are gone, no longer in the Customization folder within EFGame folder.

Partially my fault by clicking OK instead of Cancel without reading… I am used to clicking OK to things. So those ladies are gone from the folder.

The real problem is, what about all my other presets that I have saved, will they be useable in the future?

Hopefully there is a fix for this.

I suppose Smilegate forgot a file or two in the update with the stress of Gold River retiring…

Thank you for getting to this thread.

I did accidentally delete my files.
Am used to clicking OK, its like breathing… lol

People need to be told not to click OK if they wish to keep their customization files.

Lets hope there is a fix for this so that we are able to use our presets in the future.