So I heared we can obtain a Power Pass by watching all cutscenes right?
What does that mean?
Until max level?
Is all the prologue considered a cutscene?
Can we watch half of the cutscenes in one character and another half on another?
What if we missclick, skip a cutscene?
Only in one character?

Thank you.

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türk kardeşim güzel soru sordun :smiley:

Same question here, I would like further explanation on this point:
Also, can we earn 2 power passes through the first method if I level up another character? Or is it limited to 1 power pass with each method?

also can we use the hall of memory to watch the cutscenes?

And how is player going to know which cutscene he skipped.

Well… no more power pass through cutscenes, thank you.