Cyrillic chars in name allowed?

I want to continue using my name from the RU LA - that was spelled in cyrillic chars - will that be possible (while of course staying within the communicated naming convention)?

Doubtful, comrade.

@Roxx - any chance for a short answer here?

Unfortunately they are not available for use


Ok, any chance that you tell us what IS available in terms of char tables?
German ä, french é etc…?

You are aware that you made it hard for us with the limitations in naming - at least using a unicode table would greatly ease that problem.

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Special characters from our supported languages (German, Spanish, French) are A-OK


Thx, extremely valuable information!

Sorry to see AGS again falling in such a trivial pitfall, I really hope the launch will be smooth!!!

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so the French e is acceptable? does that count the same as an English e?? Dude and Dude will be considered different names? Ironically special chars are not allowed in these forums hahah…

Dude above is asking if Dude will stop names like Dudé / Düde / Dûdé / Dùdè / etc.

It’s a valid question but I think that the answer is no.

Also don’t forget the ñ in spanish. Wonder if the german ß will be allowed.


Cant wait for this same issue to happens on Lost Ark too with “supported special character” that turned out not to be
ð was changed into C0 because the game didnt allow it, but yet allowed you to put it in the creation and confirm it