Cystiline aura disapeared again

This is the second time its disapeared, i bought the founders pack for this, and ive had 2 days of it be unuseable and wasted.
This needs to be fixed asap can we please sort this out, esp given it takes me 40+ mins to log in, given the ques and thats if i can get into the que, you could atleast add founder preferable log in.

Rochell - Slen EU,

Hello, @rommanth

Let me welcome you to the Lost Ark Forum ! :slight_smile:

As you’ve probably already seen, there are a lot of threads on this topic right now.

I am sorry for you that you are also affected by this.

I can’t help you directly, but I can at least provide you with information.

Unfortunately, this is a bug that our devs are already working on.
Information can be found here

It says that the problem with the crystalline aura and the shop is well known. In fact, the shop, crystalline aura and empty product inventory are also related. This is due to the fact that two different servers are currently not communicating properly with each other. Due to this miscommunication of the servers, it happens that the shop and the aura sometimes “work” and sometimes unfortunately not.

This means that we are currently investigating how to correct this miscommunication of the servers. The aura - as well as any missing items from the product inventory are stored on the accounts - only virtually “invisible” at the moment.

Smilegate RPG is currently developing a patch to solve this problem.

For the Aura, we are aware that it is a premium account advantage that has an expiring timer. Therefore, this problem is actively being investigated to eliminate it as soon as possible.

Our our Devs are working flat out to find a solution. Still means that I can only ask you for patience at the moment, I’m sorry!

I hope that in a few weeks we can all just smile about such mistakes and continue to enjoy the vastness of Arkesia.

Hope this information helps