Dailies Limit Increase please!

Can we please increase the number of dailies we can do per day, 3 seems so low and i am always running out?

You can run them on more than one character, currently I’m running 3 different dailies on 6 different characters, 3 is fine, if you want to do more then level more characters

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Or just bump it up to 6 or 9. I dont have time to make 6 different characters and level them all, i barely have time to play 1.

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You have 2 Vern and a Feiton pass. Sry to say but if you barely have time for 1 character then maybe this isnt game for you.

If u have bearly time for one character why do you need more dailys?

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I have time for 1 character just not alot of time, and not making multiple characters and leveling them just to do dailies. Just forget it , i came on here to make a suggestion and get told this game isnt for me and that 3 is fine to mkae more characters. Sorry i even ask

There is una increase tokens as well but you will run out of those eventually

Una dailies are in a good spot I reckon, with how it is currently set up most of us complete them within 5minutes per character by doing the quickest Leapstone Unas with Bifrosts. If you have extra time and really want to maximize Leapstones from Unas you can choose to do the Leapstone Unas that give ~25% more Leapstones (Kalthertz, Hypno’s Eyes) but roughly adds 10minutes per day you need to spend on Unas.

I suggest starting there, start doing the high reward Unas that take longer if you absolutely can’t manage 1 or more alts. But if you find yourself having 30minutes or more extra then I highly suggest getting an alt to fill that time as it will be a lot more rewarding than the few extra leapstones would.

You can literally use alts that you have powerpassed just for Una’s then it’s problem solved