Daily 20 item registration limit - How exactly does this stop bots?

How exactly does this stop bots? Bots have 1 character per account. They have no incentive to make more because they can’t bot multiple characters at the same time if it’s all on 1 account. They currently just sell whatever they get from daily chaos and unas so this limit is not going to affect them at all.

This change just punishes real players and does nothing to bots.


This along with blocking bots from using the AH due to it being locked behind Trusted Status actually will do a lot to curb the bots.

in theory

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It doesn’t. Not directly anyways. It should limit their ability to abuse the AH after the update goes live. They will not be able to use new accounts to circumvent the limitations anymore either since non-trusted accounts are no longer able to trade with other players at all.

This should also potentially help with the AH instabilities that players have been dealing with - and will likely be removed or increased in the future.

It will not stop them but it will limit them a bit.
I hope players will stop posting garbage accessories in the AH because of this.

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True I was thinking the same. Like "are bot using multiple character per roster? Or just multiple roster? "

But since now it’s difficult for them to create multiple trusted account, the next step could be to create multiple characters to gain more gold. I have seen many bots with argos recently so if they make many characters they can have more gold to sell.

Dont know for you but I have received many mails recently from seller. I think they are pressured and try to give their all.


It won’t do anything at all, bots won’t be hindered by this at all. 20 listings for a bot per day is a lot, for a lot of players this might also be a lot. This will hurt bussers - frankly not that much if you are planning your runs you’ll be fine.
This will mostly hurt new players, crafters, gatherers, people who try to scrounge up small amounts of money from daily sales - who were already competing with bots just now they won’t be able to compete with bots anymore cause bots won’t care about this limit.


Bluecogs has the right idea – it will cut down on Auction House abuse and the attempts at use of mule accounts by bot farmers. Paired with new trusted status implementations, it will be a lot more challenging for them to crank out new bot accounts as the old ones get banned and become less effective. All of these pieces together aim to bring down their effectiveness and revenue across the board.


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I would hope the team is aware every Bot (which they have in unlimited numbers) will now just be run until they reach 20 market cap and then swap over to the next bot?

You aren’t actually limiting them at all with this.

With zero barrier to entry in creating bot accounts this hardly even forces them to modify their scripts. Maybe they’ll auto fuse gems to lv4 instead of lv3 to post more before they have to swap at worst.

Will this actually affect trusted players too ?

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The new trusted status will directly heighten the barrier to entry for creating new bot accounts


So thx to this change now if i do 2 Valtan busses + 2 Argos busses per day im locked from the aucction house for the day? srsly someone actually think about the player base before implementing this type of changes?


Then why do both of these changes at once?

One is overkill and directly impacts the players, the other helps to mitigate the bots.

Unless this is designed as a temporary measure while the remaining “Trusted” bots get weeded out, this can do nothing but harm the regular player who likes to toss up random things they find on the market as they play.

Trusted status also should limit in-game mail from Bots as well, but all of us are getting 10-20 of those a day still…

I mean even in the patch notes this was buried as a tiny bullet point almost like a dirty little secret to begin with… This was obviously known to be something the community would oppose, and for good reason.

This isn’t on you Roxx, we know you’re just the messenger, but why must every good patch come with some black mark :frowning:

There are so many things right now that are just player frustrating, the 10-second delay on AH, the “Too Many Adventurers” the Disconnects, even going back to Pheongate all of the last 2 months has had something new and negative every day. Now we have an artificial trading limit that is an extremely low number in a game that drops thousands of items per week.


That’s what I’m wondering, people who run an account with upwards or more than a dozen characters will be greatly hamstrung by this change as they can put up 20 items for their entire roster per day. If it does affect normal players, it’s another stupid move that in an effort to stabilize the economy from the botters only hurts the rest of the non-botters far worse.


This change doesn’t stop bots.

This was done to reduce stress on the Auction House done by bots listing all those lvl 1-3 gems.

However, the bots will simply fuse to lvl 4 and list. Very likely you won’t get “too many adventurers are using this service” anymore or that unknown error when browsing pages.

Whether intended or unintended, it will cripple bussing and that is a change that I am in love with.


I hear ya, but the bot issue in general has reached an overkill state in and of itself. At this point it’s about getting them out and mitigating as much damage as possible, then pulling back when we can.

Just as an extra note the too many adventurers issue on the AH should be helped by this as well, so there will at least be some extra player benefits.


i am waiting to see the too many adventurers are using this service still pop up after tomorrow’s patch.

Untrusted bots can’t sell sht, so they are out of business due to new AH limitations.
That’s a huge blow.
Market item posting restrictions are here to make sure your NA/E/W servers won’t get plagued by ‘too many adventures …’ again.

If I were you my friend, I’d be happy with that.


The 20 item registration limit actually fks the players who are bussing, selling mats, and items, a lot ! We understand that you guys are working hard to get rid of the bots and we appreciate, but this decision will harm more the player base then the bots( since there’s hundreds/tousands accounts ) and we only have 1 account.


Is there a plan for a huge ban wave on the scale we had early at launch as well?

Cause these mails get annoying. My main gets one every single day