Daily Adventure Island schedule needs adjustment or improvement

Those including myself who come home late from work or school (which is after 23:00) won’t be able to participate in the daily adventure island event resulting in missing decent rewards as well as losing the chance on obtaining island tokens which is needed for collectibles.

09:00-13:00 and 19:00-23:00 are not good scheduled times.

  1. 09:00-13:00 during the weekday, most people are working and/or attending classes.
  2. 19:00-23:00 schedule time isn’t long enough for those that come home late after 23:00 due to work or attending classes evening time.
    Therefore, the schedule timing for the daily Adventure Island task needs to change.

Why not make it available at all times just like Alakkir, Chaos Gates, and Field Boss schedule? We are only able to clear it once per a day anyways so I believe this is a fair suggestion.

Smilegate, please add this to your list that can improve the game. Thank you.


Wow no replies, why is no one supporting this :(?

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I agree would be nice.

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Bump this, how’s that without any response? :expressionless:
Every other week I’m missing out on these as I can’t make it in time from work.



I agree with this, but there is already a topic been looked at by devs. They said they share this feedback with the team.


Yes, once por hour or even 2 hours would be great. Also doble adventure island on weekends is currently broken so that adds to the bad schedule problem

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I support it. There is a few things they need to adjust. Adventure Island and Sailing coop events.



Wow your out from before 9am until 11pm? that’s horrible TC!

do them every 2 hours 24/7 and scale by player count. problem solved