Daily End Game Activities Explained | Lost Ark Guide

This guide will exclude all the collectibles, guild activities and island exploration considering some of them are 1 time or can be beneficial only until you obtain the collectible behind them.

— Daily —

  • Chaos Dungeon - 2 Runs per day - You have 5 Min to finish each stage, there are usually 3 stages in each - If you run them alone it takes 2/3

8 - 20 min per day

Why you should do them: Those are the main source to gain gear upgrade resources and jewelry. Those resources and jewelry can be sold to other players using the Auction House if you don’t need them. So if you have a lot of alts is the faster way to make gold.

When you can consider making more than 2 runs per day: The resources are changed to “Token Resources” that can be only used to buy other upgrade resources, uncommon engraving books & Jewelry. Farming more runs for resources isn’t really beneficial because you literally will gain 1/100 of rewards for the same time of the first 2 daily runs. The only reason why you should consider doing them more that 2 times is for the uncommon engraving books that are really hard to obtain and you need a lot of them.

I already explained how engraving works here: Beginner Guide - Engravings Explained - What they are and how they work

This dungeons by the way is also the main reason why you need alts of you want to gear up faster or make gold faster.

Note: In this dungeon you can use any consumable you have

  • Guardian Raids - 2 Runs per day - You have 20 min but you can do it in 10 even playing alone

20 - 40 min per day

Why you should do them: Despite they are not the best to make upgrade resources those are the best way to loot more jewelry and ability stones.

When you can consider making more than 2 runs per day: For training against different bosses. But you don’t get any rewards from doing more that 2 per day.

  • Daily Epona Quests - 3 Quests per day - It can take 1/2 min if you use the bifrost while if you won’t it will take even 20/30 min

6 Min - 1 Hour 30 Min per day

Bifrost is a tool that allow you to teleport to a specific location you save “any location”. You can unlock up to 3 of them in F2P doing collectibles and obtaining Bifrost Keys. While with the Crystalline Aura you have 2 extra in EU/NA while 1 in RU/KR. The bifrost allow you to teleport to the saved location each 2 hours for 1000 silver. So you set up the 3 location for the 3 daily that you want to repeat each day.

Why you should do them: Each quest you do you gain Legacy Points that restarts at the end of the week. Based on how many points you gain you receive tokens you can exchange for a huge amount of gold and is the main way to gain gold in the game. Plus each daily quest give you reputation for the island you do them. Usually maxing out the reputation on those location you obtain several extra rewards including collectibles. To finish it give you also a decent extra upgrade resources for your gear as well.

Note: Having more alts helps to max out the weekly points that will max out the gold output you can generate.

  • Rapport

There are over 50 npc you can do rapport interactions. Those are limited to a small amount of interaction per day. The main reason why you should do them each day is because it take a small amount of time but in exchange you can over time unlock great rewards like collectibles, permanent stats increase gold and many other unique rewards.

— Weekly —

  • Void Dungeons - 3 per week per type but limited to a specific sub tier “each tier has 2 sub tiers” - There are up to 2 Raids per tier and you should do them all, so in total there are 6 Raid runs to do each week.

It can take 10 min per run if everyone know what to do, but it can take hours if at least 1 person don’t know the strategy. So the time required to complete them is relative to the team you find or have.

Why you should do them: Main reason why you will want to do them is because is the main way to obtain epic & legendary armor set and weapon Plus is the way to obtain the items that increases the chance of successful upgrade of your gear. There is a change to find runes as well required to power up your abilities. Also most importantly it always give you 2 engravings books each run. So it the best way to unlock engravings.

When you can consider making more than 3 runs per week: They still drop the good stuff despite in lower quantities. But the main reason why you can do more is to find more runes that are harder to find without this activity.

Note: Is one or places where you can find the Ability Stones that aren’t account bound so you will be able to sell them in AH for gold.

  • Weekly Eppona Quest - 3 per week - It usually takes a lot of time to complete them and you want to do them while executing the normal activities.

Those are the main way to obtain Ability Stones of the Artifact rarity and a decent amount of resources

— Note —

If I missing something drop down a comment and I will add it as well.

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As always good guide, I watched a bit of your video regarding mokoko seed. It’s great when the game release I and I reach max level hunting mokoko seed will be one of my collection priority :wink:

Got 1 question for you. Is it worth rushing to Max level and getting the quicker I get to Max level the faster I can play /manipulate the AH market? My experience from WoW dictates me new expansion / game release high end mats / gear will be very expensive at first few weeks and best time to earn gold the longer it takes less opportunity to make. Does it make sense?

anyway, thanks for the guide

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Once all the Adventurer’s Tome will be done I think to expand to harder collections to hunt down like cards, masterpieces, sea bounty and so on. I will create a 2nd page template for those as well similarly on how I did with the adventurer’s tome. So stay toned for more :smiley:

The main reason why you want to reach level 50 fast is to unlock the end game content. The main way to make gold in early stages will be completing dailies and get the token reward from them. Then you can convert those tokens into chest that has gold inside. If you buy the most expensive you also have a chance to find a gold bar worth 10k gold. So buy only the most expensive one.
Faster you get to level 50 faster you unlock the dailies so earlier you can start to make them therefore more tokens you will be able to accumulate that then you can convert in gold.

Considering that not many people will be able to do decent amount of gold until tier 3 “that probably will be out 6 months post release”. Is hard to manipulate the market because people won’t have much gold to spend and they will need it to develop the stronghold. Keep in mind that differently from WoW Gold and Silver are 2 different correncies. You can convert Gold to Silver but you cannot convert Silver into Gold. Gold is a really rare and really important currency. So probably Auction House won’t kickstart for at least 1 or 2 months. This game is slightly different from WoW from the AH point of view.

There are several ways to obtain resources, sure you can do daily staff but also you can farm the islands that also reward you with a lot of resources. If you know all the islands that has the tier 1 resources you literally don’t need to buy anything. From this stand point.

Not exactly, older is the server more gold will be around. So due to the inflation the prices will be over time higher and higher. So is better to avoid selling anything for a while so people will have time to make gold through dailies. Some staff that will cost on release in AH only 50/100 gold over time will cost 500/1000 gold. Plus there is not only the end game gear but also some collectibles that can be sold and bought. Last day on RU for example I farmed in a special place some collectibles for 4 hours and sold them for the same equivalent of gold that a normal hardcore produce in 1 week.
Plus higher will be the equipment of your alts more gold they will be able to generate. So people will also equip their alts to generate more gold for the account making end game mats always valuable. To finish, the upgrade system increases the required math in an exponential fashon so they never will be too much around.

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Still need to learn many things but thanks for the reply :+1:

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Yeah the game is really complicated. If you played WoW from vanilla you probably remember the reputations of faction, their unique currencies and staff you can get only from them. Well Lost Ark is similar and really complex with even more currencies and tokens than WoW. So even the veterans still figuring out all the secrets xD


I found the fact you have to have alts to make money a issue for people with less time… or that do not want to have a bunch of alts like BDO… Nice guide though

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You still can enjoy the game with 1 main is enough completing islands to obtain a lot of resources and gold

Can you ensure that your quests will always be exactly where your bifrost keys are? its a huge time save

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Daily Quests are quests that can be repeated once per day. This means that what you need to do in the specific quest is always the same and in the same location. So if you place a bifrost in a specific location where you completed a Daily Quest last time you will be able to use it in order to complete it again the next day.
Bifrost allow you to save ANY location you desire as teleportation location. Then you can use it to teleport there once each 2 hours.

Sorry, i’m still a bit confused. So the daily quest locations are not randomized? most games i play which have daily quests have a wide pool of possible quests and locations/objectivs, which is why i’m wondering how people know where to place their keys. Unless the overall locations is always the same every day or that you can relocate your keys without physically going there first.

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In this game there are around 100 different Daily Quests you can complete. But each quest is static and not randomized. So to save time you can complete the same 3 quests each day that was always in the same location and same objective

I see now, so you can choose them and always get the same ones, that makes sense. Thank you very much

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Yeah you have a menu for the daily quests where you have a list of all the quests you can complete, with a menu where you also can see what other quests you can unlock and what are the requirements to unlock them.
Inside this menu you need to choose each day 3 quests you want to do. You need accept them from this menu instead of going to meet the quest giver. Once accepted the 3 quests you want to do this day is automatically added to the actived quests. There is also a special item that allow you to complete one quest without actually doing it. But you can use this item only on quests you already completed at least once.

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Sounds like there is not a lot of content to do…

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Is there a reason to do stuff alone? I mean, I think there’s too much solo stuff for a mmo, can you do chaos dungeons and guardians raids with people?

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You actually can do everything with other people and the difficulty and rewards are scaling based on the amount of people in the team. So playing in a team is actually better. But if you don’t have time to do in game friends or don’t want to stress out playing with others you still can do nearly everything alone.

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ohhh thats good to know, so its just an option
thanks for the answer :smiley:

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Personally I love having this option. Because I can hard core alone to see if I’m actually good with a specific character or I need to work on it more

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I have some questions.

What is Chaos dungeon? I just reached 50, where to find it or prequest for it? How to upgrade gear by recources from it?

What is Guardian raids? Where to enter it? Any prequest?

Epona Quests - where to take? How to obtain ability “Bitfrost”?

Do I need to do daily ship missions which are 2h cd? Is it worth? Why?

Rapport - with what npc i need to interact?

Void Dungeons - how are they called? Where is entrance? Where to find team?

Per character. That’s insane.