Daily guild contribution not resetting for a character

I have a character whose daily guild contribution is not resetting for 3 days now and has been unable to donate since reset.

Same thing is happening to my main, I can’t donate anything to my guild…but it works fine for my other characters.

Hello @incertia and @ParaKiss , welcome to our forums!

I’m sorry to hear about this issue with your guild contributing not resetting , before we start working on a solution I wanna know if you have done any sort of troubleshooting so I can take that into consideration?

If you haven’t done any troubleshooting please try this Steam Support :: Verify Integrity of Game Files

And let me know if that changed anything! :smiley:

I’ll be waiting!


Yes @Jormungandrh, I contacted the support when I found the problem. They told me to verify the files, I did, and it didn’t solve the problem.

Let me guess Vykas server? Did these problems all start around 4 days ago when the Vykas server had a server crash that kicked us all out?

Yes, Vykas server. And yes, the problem started around 4 days ago. Also, had another problem related to argos entry ticket, still haven’t gotten it back… and I don’t think any of us will ever get it

Ah thought so, yeah I know lots of Vykas players are getting various issues ever since that server crash. Unfortunately I feel our server is just a low population one so Amazon got bigger fish to worry about first. All I want is for them to do a maintenance on our server, I feel like this would fix a lot of the issues players have on our server since a lot of the problems only started occuring since the server crash

@Jormungandrh any updates?

The issue is also persisting through the weekly reset

I think we gotta try what we can on our own to fix this. I am trying the quit and rejoin guild option to see if that works. Then I will try a different guild if that doesn’t work.
My point is this issue is just going to get added to a list of bugs and fixed in a priority and sad but true, an isolated bug on a low pop server is just not a priority regardless of what the nice CS people tell us.