Daily log-in rewards extension

Normally I am not one to post on the forums, but I wanted to try to get feedback for this topic. I know that the point of log in rewards is to log in and get them, but real life issues happen.

Our usual set of daily log in rewards consist of a few days of a grace period so that there is a chance for rewards to still be collected if a few days are missed, but this month there isn’t even room to miss only one.

I and many others have been affected by various uncontrollable/real life issues over the past week (i.e; those in Canada that are experiencing a huge network outage or those who I have read that still use windows 7 and experienced issues with the game) and won’t even stand a chance at receiving the day 20 rewards. In addition, it is also a holiday month for Americans (the 4th) and just a summer month with people taking vacations and such, along with possible emergencies and work etc. in general. I know these things are not really the game’s fault, but they are still things that affect a large number of players.

For these reasons, I feel it to not be reasonable that this month doesn’t give people even a 1-day buffer for missing a log in. Especially with a skin reward that has been anticipated by many players to have.

I’d like to emphasize that I am not here to try and complain, and again say that I just was hoping to get some feedback on this topic or any word about a possibility that we will get an extension this month from a CM.

If any CM takes the time to read and give feedback on this post or any others regarding this topic, thank you and keep up the hard work <3
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Well you have a point. Now let’s see how greedy the community who doesn’t experimented this issues can be.

I mean there ls a part of the community that will loose the next badge of rewards cause they’ll be delayed.

Personally i think AGS should extend the rewards claim period. Arcanist will be delayed anyway

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if this happen ill find you


They could just extend it and add a new one as well?
Shouldn’t be too hard, the window can have multiple login bonuses, KR and RU do this for the “New player experience” stuff all the time

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You can stop talking about it I saw some 5 posts asking about it. If you do not know you will have the time to receive the rewards

I saw posts too but no CM replies, so I wasn’t sure and made my post in hopes that it gives the topic more attention.
If that is true then that is great to hear, but I personally haven’t seen anything confirming that it goes past the 19th so fingers crossed ig :slight_smile:


They give a few days to all the people who did not have enough

I mis-read that as I’ll fill you and it had completely different connotations :grimacing:


Completely agree with you, daily rewards are nice, maybe 20-25 over 30 days?

they GAVE on previous periods. Current one doesn’t HAVE any buffer period. So that is why there are soo many posts regarding similar issue you are seeing.


I think it should get an extra week tbh even if i have gotten every day so far, cause we have no control over outages


I’m pretty sure that they will extend it like 3-5 days minimum.



We need more days extra but nobody says anything…

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This was after this post so at the time no cm replies but there has been now :slight_smile:

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Appreciate this feedback – not sure if it will be possible but like Shadow said we will raise it internally :slight_smile:


Tysm for reading my post and giving feedback on this topic! I am happy to hear it will recieve at least a little attention :grin:

Thank you for sharing this with me. I am happy to see CM feedback about this topic and Im glad that they are for sure aware of it!

Yes, this exactly! As far as I could tell from the in game dates provided, there is no buffer period this month so I was concerned and looking for information about a possible extension.

Its okay, it is clear they intend to have the patch day be July 20th, but here is the thing, has ags and sg been on time or actually spoken to us of an official release date ahead of time? Not really.

I promise you, the patch day being the 20th will be delayed and they will extend the login rewards as per the status quo.

Fingers crossed :slight_smile: