Daily Login Just Reset to 1

Hi Lost Ark,

Not sure if you are aware of this one, but my character Píngu on the realm Khadan. My daily login just reward just reset to 1. I was on day 6.

Are you able to look into this please?

I have the same issue.

I also had this happen. Character Deidra on Regulus. Definitely got my day 5 (not sure about 6) but around 3pm est on 2/13 I suddenly got a daily alert stating I got day 1 again and other progress had gone missing.

Glad to know I’m not the only one.

I also lost all my login bonuses, from what I read there was no warning or mention that the bonuses will be lost and today is 3/10 which was the specified date in the Event period but when I login it’s reset to day 1

Hi, I’m playing on Inana, and all LoginRewards are reset to day 1 after your update about 4GB.
Normally it would be my 20th login and the reward for today had to be a mount chest…
thats not funny to see. Same thing for my guild member.
Please fix this bug!

This time around, it’s not a bug. The event period was until Mar 10th before the update, and then it would reset, and it did.


Pretty sure this is not a bug, you folks just missed it there was plently of time for 20 logins.

Oh, thank you two for your fast answer. I’m new in game and didn’t recognize that it was just till 10th march. :sweat_smile:

At the very top of daily login screen there are clear dates for start and finish, sorry you missed out and hope you can get more out of this login event! :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile: I’m just sad about the mount I missed :bird: only one more log in…

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Owww! After learning everything up to 50.5 and making a few alts, working on honing and learning what I could, I guess saving my log in rewards till I decided who gets what was a bad, bad idea. The fine print knew it was the only way anyone messes up. And anyone and everyone messes up every day.
meh, pretty good game about the “Lost Ark” anyway

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Um because new update and new set of loginsl rewards?

If you were ever aware, the previous login rewards set says ENDS 3/10/22

Can you stop posting stupid wrong responses?

I’ve been on for 12 hours and it just did this for me.

It’s a bug. Reported for bad post.

You know this thread is from february and it’s not a stupid response since it was pretty much correct