Daily Login Rewards Foolishness

So the last reward of the daily login schedule this month is 3x Legendary-Epic card packs.
Some people will get 3 purple epic cards, some will get 3 legendary with non-LoS cards, and others will get 3 Legendary LoS cards.

Can we stop making everything about the game ALWAYS rely on extreme RNG.

Why not just give everyone ONE SINGLE LEGENDARY SELECT CARD PACK so that everyone can have something to look forward to by completing the entire login event? You don’t want your players to be happy about completing it?? This would make EVERYONE SATISFIED. Why are you guys giving us rewards that always make 90% of the playerbase unhappy??

Come on Amazon you can do better. The Mokoko event is already garbage with only 5% of the playerbase being satisfied, please at least reward players for loging in daily without having to constantly rely on stupid RNG.

I’m so fed up with this nonsense



Got 3 purples ^^


There was also x10 legendary - uncommon card packs and some will get x10 legendary cards from that, are you also going to complain about that? what about the card packs you can buy in the event stores?

got a shandi and azena but still…cardpacks are always kind of a gamble, 3 legendary-epic is the same what you get from questing whole south vern, thats pretty fair i think for just logging in. selection pack as login reward would be too much in my opinion, maybe one legendary would be ok but not a selection, also cardsets were never ment to be completed in 6-9 months as F2P. the average for LoS30 is what? 1,5y or sth?

lmao someone is entitled and mad

Game’s fundamental is based on RNG so someone with good RNG will be ahead while someone won’t

It’s RNG so how would “someone” always stay behind others? isn’t that direct opposite of RNG?

by the looks of it you look like someone who wants to reach endgame state quickly and

You’re just outraged since it looks like you’ve been getting bad RNG and want compensation for it. You signed up for it, everythings based on RNG in this game you knew it before you started or at least you should now.

You just had a dream where you are the “chosen one” who outperforms everyone with best RNG but got mad after reality check

Your logic against you, if they provide guaranteed legendary cards for login event, those who start later WILL

but you think that’s okay since “you” always staying ahead is fine for whatever logic you bs with right?

Pro Tip: if you want less RNG based game you can find something else and play that.
You won’t cuz you want to feel superior but in that setting everyone is same

might as well hand out 96 legendary card selection packs, ability stone facet editor, gear quality editor, and accessory crafter where you can pick which engravings it will hold right?

You do realize Everyone getting same thing is exactly the same thing as everyone getting nothing right?

Officially blocked. Go troll somewhere else.

Blocked as well. Won’t talk to people who can’t comprehend something so simple.

“I’m not an outcast, I just shunned everyone else.”

think you are the one that cant comprehend something simple with how you are bitching about free daily login rewards :joy:
want a freaking legendary select pack cause you got 3 epic from x3 legendary-epic card packs.
Not sure if you need to go touch some grass or grow up from being a kid

This guy is literally entitled and has mentality that he is the

all his arguments can easily be summarized by “my luck is worse than I’ve expected and now I want you to compensate for it” and he is literally asking them to give him 100% completed perfect account “cuz rng bad”

guy’s problem is that only his body grew up without touching grass :joy:

Lol dude this game does not want to make you happy. It does not look at the player but at your bank account. That is why it full of rng. You spend your time on it and yes you get lucky occasionally but that is what keeps you playing. If you want to seriously progress fast there is no other way than swiping, my advice is just take it easy, if you still like it you ll get there eventually but you ll have to face the occasional gatekeeping and all the toxicity on the way which is another reason to make you swipe.

Got the 3 packs from login and got 3 purples as well

Later bought the Any packs from the Challenge Guardian Raid vendor and got one Legendary, which was Nineveh to get me to 10 LoS

Card packs gonna RNG yo

Same. Logged in today, got 3 purple, said duck it, logged out.

Thats probably why they require you to log in for 30 mins to get rewards LOLOL.