Daily Reminder #15 - Matchmaking EUC is dying again

Once again - here we are folks :slight_smile:

yeah it still bad but it has gotten A LOT better.
me and my friends are usually able to get into an instance within 5 minutes wheres a week ago it was 30 minutes or impossible.

also they are aware of the issue and working on it .

You do realize the counter in front of the post is like this because it is a reminder, that has yet to be differently adressed other than: “We are aware, and we think about a fix”.

This statement was given 3 Hotfixes in.
The reason it has become better is because the playercount dropped as to where the servers arent as overloaded as before.

Reasonably speaking, if you watch STEAMDB, usually the death of MM Server kicks in about when they hit~ 850k active users. But this data is global and not EUC specific. I am aware of that.

Nonetheless, Matchmaking has been broken for 2/3rds of the Games Release Time, without a fix, a compesation for being hindered in progression or any updates for over a week.

It doesnt matter if the Matchmaking breaks from 1 pm- 1 am, 4pm - 1 am or 9 pm - 1 am.

It breaks. And therefore it should be mentioned.