Daily Reminder Class Release Dripfeed Every 2 Months P.2 (Copium Detox Exercise Included)

According to Schrödinger’s game metrics and data, we the players WANT a dripfeed when it comes to classes. For my copium junkies out there, I have devised a treatment plan as follows:

  1. Go to your sink
  2. Splash some water on your face
  3. Look at yourself in the mirror
  4. Stare into the depths of your soul
  5. Recite the lines “Classes are content” x60 repetitions

I’d put strong emphasis on doing this exercise upon waking, before bed, and after every bowl movement. Doing this prior to social interactions is highly recommended. You should start feeling the effects at rep 40-59 in your set. The 60 repetitions is a reminder that is how many days you will have to wait in between class releases, barring no delays.

May my rehabilitation plan pull you all through these hard times, should you relapse to using again. Good day.




Shameless bump for awareness and mental health bois

you forgot the part where you tell grown men/women to take a deep breath and stop fantasizing themselves playing a character that looks like a literal child which is the source of a good portion of the “we want 2 class release a month NAO so I can play my ayaya main!”

It’s disturbing and I am disappointed in this community.

God bless, I’ve turned my life around with these tips.

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This sounds like quite the internal struggle you’re going through there. Unfortunately in this booba game every day we stray further from the light. I am changing your prescription to reciting “I will not play Booba classes” x69 repetitions. Best of luck brother.

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Instructions unclear i just ordered a vykas body pillow and commissioned a talented artist to draw me 69 high quality art of vykas in all states of undress.

It’s a good business decision, get over it.

Thanks, I didn’t say that in my first sentence or anything. You should try my exercise.

Daily bump for copium abuse awareness