Daily reminder that we are getting literally nothing in the entirety of August

Its summerhollidays, so its ok.

Good thread.

Every MMO out there get new content every 3-5 months. Once we catch up to KR it will be same for LA. So take a break, play something else, enjoy summer and seek grass.


daily reminder that you’re allowed to take breaks from online games if a 30 day stall in major content is getting your panties in a twist


People bitching about this now. Can’t wait to see what happens when we catch up to KR and content maybe 2 or 3 times a year.
How do you guys survive other games with no new content for months at a time? Do you complain on their forums too?


no tripod in august

There are games that give you nothing for 6 months at a time.

You can survive using August as a catch up and stock up month and there is a high probability you’ll survive this extreme drought.

Its coming in august. I don’t know why nobody believe me. I told you guys about the SH honing buff early, that scouter was the next class to be released early all before the announcements and yet you guys still don’t believe me.

that was considered peak content in their time, this stuff has been out for years now and they’re drip feeding it to us to milk the playerbase

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its not really drip feeding when they are spoon feeding us content to make us happy.

since launch weve had argos, valtan and vykas. glavier, destroyer and arcanist. we’ve had serveral skin sets including two full summer sets. we also already have he first hell mode raid.

the way the game launched was a bit janky, but they have given us this content very very quickly. just because the content is already made doesnt mean you release it all at once.

even people in KR asked smilegate to slow down there release schedule (which they did). not everyone wants a new raid every month, some people want time to prepare or to take a break lol

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Its okay. We don’t need a major update every month

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Just go out and enjoy the summer with your friends.

I think it will be less bitching when we catch up, cus then it should be minimal difference of the versions. At least we will be bitching about the same things as the rest of the world. So please let us catch up.

Does it matter? We’ve gotten some sort of ‘content’ every month since release. Most MMOS, most games in general, dont do this.

People can chill for a month and go touch grass.


Summer event was split in parts so it would look like were getting something in august

I mean content is gonna slow down to a rough 5/6 months between sooner or later likely a lot sooner than we expected
better to strap in and get used to the “drought” now


They actually have to develop content for Korea.

Im fine with that! Allows (me) and other players to catch up to the whales and the hardcore andy’s that play 12+ hours a day. Its expected in games. Maybe make a main switch or something, play another game that youve neglected for 6+ months, or touch grass, eat the sun.

Content droughts are OK folks! This zoomer mentality of needing to be constantly entertained is exhausting.


To be honest, I wasn’t initially a fan of the 2 classes a month cadence.

But doing the legion raids on 5 chars weekly now, I can say I’m actually glad this is the current cadence.

This pace is giving me much needed down time before scouter release to build up my roster and alts. Also, to save gold to buy grudge books. And because I made an arcana I’m also not pressured to push her hard or fast, I can can enjoy learning to play her.

I do understand this is not what many others feel or agree with, and that’s fine too. Just wanting to chime in with another perspective.

Not a paid actor. Kekw

Also I think they will give us power pass with scouter. If they don’t initially, I’m sure the voice of the forums will change their decision much like the removal or yoz jar & inclusion of 1415 honing buff.

all games have content cycles you are absolutely correct.
far as catching up, that’s a great thing to focus on
play at your pace, this isn’t a job or a child, its for fun