Daily reminder that

ability stones are the most dogshit and annoying piece of garbage RNG based item you can find on this game, what even is the point of this shit ? I’m sitting on almost 400k and burning 250 pheons already makes me mad, imagine the random mokoko trying to cut his stone to not get gate kept in raids lmfao, piece of trash "content " with no point other than burning out your players and before some nerds say " buh if they remove pheons people will empty the market " idc shut up 9pheons per stone is too much knowing how expensive pheons are, that’s all for the daily reminder :slight_smile:

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yet you’re still playing like a crackhead addict

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I know you’re just trying to be a dickhead but congrats :slight_smile: the first “good stone” i’ve ever gotten on an alt first attempt is a 8-7-5 :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Bracelets and Quality are much worse than Ability Stones xD

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