Daily reminder the biggest joke of all time AGS has ever implemented #1

Since there doesnt seem to be any intention from AGS to reconsider or remove the most useless system that they just implemented thats ruining the experience of market system,

since roxx and trevor clearly dont play the game enough to use the market and realize how trash that thing is

I will be posting threads daily to remind them how trash this system is and how this needs to be remove ASAP



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You’ll waste more team each day making these posts than just waiting out the check. But do you homie.

are you really getting that message when buying this things? sus

I agree with you and say thank you. I think that Amazon will change a little by complaining about such things and bringing them up. just like the fiasco when they tried to make the Rings of Power series. Don’t be too hopeful for a company that has disappointed all its viewers and fans. new world and lost ark and ring of the power all exploded in their hands.

U get this message when u try to purchase something within 10 seconds of the last purchase

So for example if u want to buy fish u have to wait 10 secs to buy another stack (increasing stack size would be a solution for that)

For books if u want to buy 20 most of the time the system gives u 7 or 8 or so. So u have to rebuy
If u click normally ur way faster than 10 seconds and get presented with this
Like u done something sus and they have to check that

Ability stones are the same. If u want to buy a few and not cut one at a time ur looking at taking a minute to get 6 stones. Not the end of the world.

dont need to explain that to him
he only knows whoever wants to buy more than 9 fish and engraving books in the amount of 20 is botters

if you dont get any of those message its clear that you dont even play the game or use the market system

we dont care about you trying to buy things for 2g less

what i buy on market are gems and accs. i provide flowers, meat, mats and other stuff.

This along with the gold lock out in the game. This is not what a modern mmo…should be.

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