Daily reset timer moved the wrong way. :(

You messed something up … Now we cant do adventure island at 11 CET anymore. :frowning:

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Yep. No reward for anyone for the reset time island. Nice waste of time that was.
2023-03-26 12_19_54-LOST ARK_island-rewards

todays reward from island after time change

yeah… wasted time on harmony island to not even get my 730 silver :confused:

This also affects everything else:

  • Guild checkins, guild research support and donations
  • Rapport action timer is not reset, says actions already used up
  • Stronghold gatherables have not been generated
  • Stronghold dispatch missions have not been reset
  • Chaos dungeons and guardian raids count has not been reset

They moved the events to correct time, they just forgot to change the time of daily resets :slight_smile:

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Thanks for bringing this up I’ll pass it over to the team.

Just open Procyon’s compass and you’ll see the issue.

(island at 11 but daily reset at 12)

Once again didn’t get rewards because: