Daily Reset times EU/US Strawpoll

Hi guys!

Look through forums after last nights posts there’s a lot of discussion about Reset times.

From what I can tell a lot of the posts have turn in to arguments to fight their own reasoning of what time they want a reset and why. At the end of the day we all have time slot in our day where we have 3-4 hours of play time and this is different due to peoples IRL commitments.

As @Roxx and AG’s have said they are trying to do what’s right for the game and of course it’s players a try and cater to the communities wants.

Below I have put a strawpoll up so we can have a clear understanding of what the community actually would like as a reset time so we can get a good look of the majority vote and this should be able to provide some good feedback to AG of what players would like.

I personally (EU Player) am not fussed about reset times myself as I know in the future of the game this is something most of us will end up working around but I understand that this in a important topic for some due to their circumstances.

Most of all enjoy the game when it comes out!

Thanks to @Roxx and team as well


US(Pacific time):