Daily reward requires item level 1430

Hi there,

I just read that they fixed the daily reward chest that requieres 1430 item level to not require any item level at all. The problem is that I claimed it before the fix and well… i have a chest that requieres 1430 item level…

Is there any way I can ge this fixed?
Does anyone else have this issue?

Hello @JuanXo089, welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

This issue has been reported here:

You can see our Community Manager’s response here:

So I recommend you follow that thread for any update about this! :smiley:

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thank you for the answer. I will keep an eye on the other thread.

P.D. Next time I will use the search function, instead of just scrolling down the posts :stuck_out_tongue: