Daily Rewards Extension

Hi, since our reset in the global version will be on Wednesdays, I was wondering if the daily login rewards duration could be extended perhaps?

When I login the game, it says it expires on the 19th which would make it almost impossible to collect the day 20 reward which I along with others are very eager to get! I read the recent patch notes and I believe it might get extended by only a day even though the date in the game says otherwise.

Furthermore, this may not concern majority of the players but as someone who’s based in Canada, we are currently experiencing a nation wide internet outage and I’m only able to make this post through mobile data. I know this doesn’t apply to majority of the lost ark players but it definitely makes it harder for me along with my friends in Canada to obtain the day 20 login rewards.

Hope this finds its way to a CM. Thank you for your time! :slight_smile: @Roxx