Daily rewards issue

I think I lost the last monthly rewards (aka glasses).

Yesterday it was the day i had to recieve them but on reset only the 5 bonus rewards tab showed up so I can’t get my hand on the glasses, did someone get that issue? Idk if it has been addressed. I hope if not that a mod can have a look.

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I don’t have the tools to help your specific case. However this is something I have seen mentioned before here in the forums.

What I can do is report to the team of a potential issue, which I will do so for you now.

It may be worth contacting our support to see if there’s any way they could help.


In fact an immediate update for you, one of our moderation team has contacted a community manager on this issue. So they are aware :slightly_smiling_face:.


thank you very much!

Same here. I missed the glasses.
Was suppose to end next weekly maintenance, but that 1st page is gone already.

I’ve submitted a ticket maybe you should too in case :slight_smile:

i had the same problem, i was a little behind my daily rewards but was in time for the last one but didn’t show up… i tought it was my fault for reading end dates wrong tho…
i should then submit a ticket?

Same, only have last day left and it’s gone I want my glasses.

They said they were adding the 5 day login event, and extending the previous one (they did NOT say for how long though the way its written 5 days is implied)

Don’t let these posts die, i really wanna get my glasses, please Amazon, just one day.

Paging @Roxx -

Is this going to be addressed?
Are the LED glasses going to be making a return in future login rewards or something similar?
Are all those who missed out on them for whatever reason screwed (despite the extension that was supposed to take place)?

Would be nice to get some clarification on this, beyond the “it has been reported” by the mods.

I made a ticket with one reply saying it’s been looked on. Another one saying they cant do anything… please communicate within your team @OminousOnion (sry for the ping). But this issue is not a one time deal. All players above are losing glasses and thousands are silent. This need to be adressed (really this time)

I’ve made several tickets since game launch on different issues - my experience? Forget tickets…
Half of the support staff seems poorly trained at best, completely unknowledgeable at worst.

I’ve been waiting for 4 weeks on a reply regarding a missing powerpass (it was supposed to take 48h).

With other issues I’ve gotten different replies depending on the support rep I talked to, with some serving me outright misinformation in their replies, or “answering” a completely different question (as if they were looking at someone else’s ticket).

So in short, not to discredit you or your efforts, but I genuinely wouldn’t expect much to come from tickets, considering that LOA support might well be the worst example I’ve seen in years, and I wish I was exaggerating… orz

my ticket reply was " repair local files and check again"
it’s not an important item to me, honestly, but i would at least know what happened and have it properly addressed.

It literraly was written on top of the window no matter which tab you were on.
6/23 (Before scheduled maintenance)

I checked for date to see how much time I had to decide which character to give it to.
You can’t say they were vague in the patch notes when info was written black and…ummm blue in game.

Any update on the matter? @OminousOnion