Daily UNA quests

TLDR: upon turning in a una quest, that has been completed once already, there should be a skip button that takes you straight up to the reward screen. I start to hate having to spam “G”.


Thank you for your feedback, Jinsae! I’ll send it over to the development team for you.

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As an update, the team is checking into your feedback.

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Even better: Make an option to automatically skip quest texts you already know - because same goes for the 100th SV run…

Dude, you got tickets to “skip” quests you’ve already done.

Read again:
Its not about skipping quests.

It is about skipping Quest TEXT where you have to press G or LMB 10+ times before you can finish it.
Giving me 3 Tickets per day per character would of course also be a solution, if I don’t need to do the q, I also don’t need to skip the text, lol

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You will be able to wait a LONG TIME, because this function is not foreseen by SmileGate.
And that’s been asking for at least 1/2 years.

Thanks o7

eh havent seen it in here, might as well try

Not a problem.

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wie viele Tägliche UNAS-Quests gibt’s eigentlich?
Ich dachte immer 3, plus 1 zusätzlich, mit der +1 Zusatz sofort Abgabe!!
Denn, das hatte ich bis zum letzten Update immer gemacht,

Aber jetzt, seit dem letzten Update, geht das bei mir nicht mehr!
Wieso das?

Kann mir wer das Erklären bitte?
Schon mal lieben Dank