Damage but thats stays on character

Hey i just wanted to point out that its happend to me about 3 times but usually when im doing a guardian raid sometimes i just randomly start doing like 5% of the damage i usually would output and it would stay like that until i log off or something but its odd and i dont know why its happening , like my attacks that do like 100k or more start doing like 6k and i cant really help out my teammates like this


Are you sure your armour is repaired?
And are you sure you’re not doing a guardian raid where the boss has an armour mechanic that isn’t being broken by your team with weak point attacks?
Can’t think of anything else…

I thought it was the repair at first but it wasnt , also its not the armor break mechanic because after the guardian raid i went to do some chaos dungeons and i was basically doing no damage to all of them , i had to leave and wasted my auras of resonance because i couldnt do anything to them to be honest