Damage Formula in Lost Ark

Can someone with better insight into this provide me with the damage formula for min-max things?


Bump, I would like very much to know this :slight_smile:

I dont know what exactly do you mean with damage formula for min-max.

But I can give you the things I know:

The base of the damage your spells do is your characters attack power.
attack power = squareroot (( mainstat * weaponpower) / 6). Weapon power is determined by your weapon, mainstat by the sum of all your gears mainstat (intelligence, strength,… specific for you character).

How much damage your spells do is calculated by multiplying your attackpower by a factor each spell has and a base damage of a spell.
Spell damage = attack power * spell factor * spell base damage.


Yes that’s awesome and exactly what I was looking for.

Do you know how Crit is factored into damage?

Essentially, I’m really trying to figure out the benefits of stacking say, crit damage with KBW.

Yes the crit is calculated after your spells damage calculation.
On base you have a 200% crit damage multiplier. Meaning if your skill is hitting a crit you will double its damage.

So stacking cdmg with KBW is worth it for sure if you have the proper crit rate.
I wouldnt go for KBW if I have a character stacking spec or swiftness while not having extra effects of getting crits. (For example glavier has tripods which allows skills to 100% crit, also there are different effects which increase crit rate also by her identity. Meaning KBW is a good choice).

A mix between cardset, gearset, gearstat and proper tripods results you in proper crit chance to make good use of KBW.

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Well yeah definitely, otherwise KBW isn’t worth it.

For example: My Deadeye sits at ~66% crit chance without Argos buff; same with my Gunslinger. Argos buff takes it higher + party synergy etc etc.

So really just curious about Crit DMG and how it scales in addition to KBW

Hi, thats very interesting.

Do you have the same formulas about how :

  • “increased damage” from hit master, master brawler, ambush master are coming in the maths ( same for similar buffs).

  • same the for the 20% from grudge (which i assume is a final 20% multiplier buff)

Of course if you can link us a thread or something where everything is fully detailed id gladly appreciate that.

I ve done some very quick research from time to time and never found anything solid :pensive:

I think you are looking for something like this:

You want to be in the blue with your characters stats to get a comparable dmg increase out of KBW compared to flat dmg engravings.


Any engraving that has Damage written instead of Atk power is multiplicative.

So lets assume you have Cursed doll and mass increase. Both are additive.

100 atk power is base. You add 16 from doll and 18 from Mass and end up with 134 Atk power. Then you lets say have hit master.

134 damage, then add %16 damage from hit master, you end up with extra 21.4 damage. Result in 155.4 damage.

Assume you only have cursed doll and hit master.

100 + 16 + (116*0.16= 18.5) = 134 damage. So same with Mass Increase despite on paper its 2% less.

Damage engraving will always use the last formula so end up being a bigger damage gain.

Edited: small math mistake


AbitiousKiller answered your question I think.
Problem with sources is that there is not much available regarding specific numbers. Also to add on because of your assumption, yes grudge is multiplicative.

You can try to use a translator on the KR forums. But its hard to follow conversations.


So overall whats your best advice for a min max additive and multiplier combination ?

I am considering to take the relic awakening set (entropy?), which gives you a 15% damage on ennemies and i was thinking if combined with grudge does it work like (20+15)% multiplier or grudge 20% multiplier and then an other 15% multiplier which could be significantly stronger. Sorry for my english its not my birth language…

Yea I think this is a good point.

Multiplicative engravings. Iirc do in fact multiply off each other?

0.16 * 134 is 21.44. You probably misstyped 0.16 * *135 which is 21.6.

Maybe edit if you can. I got slightly confused thinking you added some weird rounding :joy:

No, they multiply the attack power only. As far as I understand it’s also recommended you only use one attack power eng (CD or IM) and multipliers for the rest.

Regarding kbw, it’s efficiency slightly decreases with the relic set on deadeye so I’m also kinda torn on it

Edited, thanks for pointing out.

One additive is good, multiple additive is bad because it will not multiply.

Damage engraving and sets will be added together than multiplied with damage from atk power.

20% grudge + 25% Ambush Master +%21 from entropy set = 66% damage.

Lets say 100 base atk power, +16% from cursed doll.

116 atk power, = 116 dmg(for simplicity we do 1 for 1 ratio)

116 x 0.66 = 76.56 damage.

116 + 76.56 =192.56 damage.

? Isnt it (100 + 16%) * 1.2 * 1.25 * 1.21 so 210 not 192.

My mistake, when im speaking of combination of final multipliers i was pointing Dominion set : specially the last one (15%) about how it interracts with grudge as grudge targets bosses mainly and dominion only all ennemies, is it possible that it is coded in separate formulas and that they multiply each others instead of 15+20% multiplier.

Here is the set bonus description :

6 pieces: Awakening skills can be used 1 additional time (total 3). Dodge cooldown reduced by 30% and increased damage of 15% done to all enemies for 2 minutes. ( the 4 pieces bonus also gives : 25% increase to skill damage. )

And then do you think this set + class engraving + ambush + adre + CD + grudge would be the best possible min max or?

This video has a chart with the crit chance and crit damage you need to make kbw worth

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This is the part were I am not sure too, there isn’t a clear formula made in KR on this, would have to test it but I generally don’t have the math nor the brains to work it out. Just going based on what was said by most KR vets.