Damage Formula in Lost Ark

I cannot say if formula is different or not, I am not brainy enough to test stuff in trixion and we don’t have the set yet (at least i don’t). I would ASSUME it works same as engraving as long the condition is met, i.e back attack for ambush - boss for grudge etc.

As for your min max,

Adrenaline is gonna be up to how much crit rate you have, without adrenaline if you can get around 50%+ then you can skip adrenaline for something else entirely, or just get it level 1. This is entirely class dependant. Rest seems good.

It’s not about KBW and it’s worth. Thank you for the video though hope it’s informative to someone.

It is about adding crit damage ONTOP of KBW.

Just to make that clear.

I also thought this was the right way.

16% is a typo though, it’s just 16.

Does anyone know if all other sources of % damage act like this?

Back/front attacks, gems, tripods, gear set bonuses, spec for some, lvl 11 and 12 on skills and so on. At least tripods shouldn’t since numbers on them are inflated in comparison

That would be interesting to know.

Also FWIW’s the I’m pretty sure Swiftness cooldown operates differently to Gem cooldown.


you mean this? :slight_smile:

Thank you

So if you add the 16& atk power from CD on a base of 100 atk power and then the 18% atk power from IM the 18% atk power from IM is calculated from the 100 base and not the 116 atk power with CD.

like 1000.16 = 16 +100 = 116 and 1160.18 = 20.9 +116 = 137 ?

So +attack power means base attackpower and not total attackpower?

100 Base * (1+0.16+0.18) = 134 Attack Power

You add all the additive atk power engravings and buffs together then apply to your base atk power.

40% atk power buff from Energy release(soulfist)

16% from CD

18% from MI

So total is 74% to add on to your base atk power. 174 atk.

Lets add hit master insteas of cursed doll to see the difference.

40% from buff as ATK Power

18% from Mass Increase

158 atk power.

Then add %16 DMG from hit master on 158atk. (25.28)

158 + 25.28= 183.28

I have tested some attack power buffs, they are multiplicative with attack power engravings NOT additive. I haven’t been able to test multiple attack power buffs if they will be additive or multiplicative with each other.

One additive is equal to being multiplicative but multiple additives will have siminishing return.

i’m pretty sure somme class like db will get their ap boost from transe based on their whole ap

so XX% out of base ap + engraving XX%

You misread what I said.

This is Correct:
100 Attack Power x 15% Valor Attack Buff x 34% (16% Cursed Doll + 18% Mass Increase) = 154.1

This is Incorrect:
100 Attack Power x 49% (15% Valor Attack Buff + 16% Cursed Doll + 18% Mass Increase) = 149

Hey AmbitiousKiller,

I reopen this post because a guildmate got a specific question that maybe you have the answer.

Here is the question :

Card set Forest of Giants specifies : "Effectiveness of recovery items +15% "

How does it interract with Cursed doll ? : “Healing -25%”

Is it a total of -10% or something else ?

Thanks in advance hoping you can enlight me here.

This I have not much idea about,

From how all other formulas would work, I’d say its %15 increase of pots recover first then 25% taken from it. So 10k heal would be 11.5k then subtract 2875 (25% of 11.5k).

Resulting in 8625 healing. So around %13.75 reduction.

A lot of people said it makes cursed penalty feel lot less worse and this does kinda prove it but not as high as you calculated.

Reason why I think you use cursed doll 25% last is because it effects ALL healing sources, not just potions.

Edit: word correction.

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hi may i know what do you mean by spell factor i don’t understand the term/value u are referring to

A coefficient set by devs individually for each skill