Damage numbers are to small in 4k resolution

Hi Devs.

Any Plan to fix the size of the Damage Numbers in Game. maybe you can pass that over to Smilegate ? The Damage Numbers in 1080p are ok, but if you change to 2144P or 4k the numbers are to small!

Cu Ingame


Yup same issue for me here…

This is really sad because it’s part of the fun playing an ARPG.

Honestly this is terrible, on a 65" 4k OLED screen the graphics and everything are crisp and clean. Just the damage numbers are small than the names above the characters. This is absolutely unacceptable.

If I lower to 1080p then my clarity goes away. Can we please get some attention on this, the fix should not be hard to implement.

i find it even too small in 1080p…
the problem is also the font tyype layout they choosed for the global release, this wavy close together type of shit that make things even worse to look at … just use smth like in KR/RU version, fonts there are much cleaner looking…

The simple fact is, the damage numbers should be the same proportional size no matter the resolution. I have no idea what kind of damage I’m actually outputting.

Would actually be nice if someone from support would actually look into this.

@Roxx , @Maselbart

It’s really odd that my damage numbers are bigger when in the hundreds of thousands than my numbers in the millions. Like I’ll do a 5 million damage from my awakening and the number is smaller than when I do 500k damage. @Roxx

Any Plans for fixing that? @Roxx

greetings Thomas

Yes I am also using nvidia gsync. On LG 65 oled and Holy crap it looks good and 120fps! Unfortunately the text is ridonk. We need more text scaling options because the only ones we got now are UI 110%+ and it’s not enough! Please give more options for scaling with text and UI. @Roxx

Wait, you actually play on a 65" display?

Doesn’t that hurt your face? How far away do you sit? I have a 31" and sometimes I feel it’s to much. Not even hating, I’m just genuinely curious if you’re trolling or serious. I’m amazed.

Can you drop a model number or something? I’m interested.

Yes I do. I’m about 6-7 feet away on my couch with wireless mouse and keyboard. I can literally read everything with ease with hud at 100%, except the damage numbers. Don’t know the exact model off hand but it’s a 65" Vizio OLED, got it June last year.