Damage tooltips, useless? Bugged? Or something else?

Hey there.

I’m confused about attack skills tooltips. For example my Perfect Shot (un-upgraded lvl 1) skill has a tooltip saying a successful perfect shot should hit for around 15k damage. In reality it hits for around 6,5K damage non-crit with a perfect zone hitk.

So I tested all my skills against trash mobs during quests, I’m only doing around 40% of the expected damage from tooltips of my abilities. Tried in the trial mode, against normal mobs, against bosses, against scarecrows: again only doing 40% of my expected tooltip damage.

I tried against some trash mobs in the Vern region, with my iLvl 302 stuff to see it gear was the issue, and again only doing around 40%

So I wonder what is the purpose of tooltip displaying damage if i’m always doing more or less 40% of what is displayed.

At first when I tried against a boss, I thought boss could have resistance or armor values. But I get the same numbers against trash mobs. Even re-rolled a new char and tested it in the trial mode at the start. The character is only doing 40% of what every skills display.

So what is the point of tooltips with incorrect values? Am I the only one experiencing this or is there some hidden explanation?

If someone has and idea, I 'm really interested in hearing it. Thx

Same on Berserker iam also wondering about the tooltip damage , as you said its unfortunately that even trash mobs get much lower damage than expected

it does x Damage if the other side has no defences. Obviously, it get’s less if it has immunities etc pp. Damage shown is the pure potential of the skill. Dmg done is the real number after decreses.

I have a similiar issue with the correct showing of the cdr.
With my pala i skilled -4 sec on cdr and the skill has a basic cd of 18 sec. So it should be 14 sec right? I mean yeah, when i use the skill there is a 14 sec cd on it, but the tooltips still displays 18 sec