Dancing in front of NPC

How do you feel about dancing in front of NPC in-game just to increase some rapport points, it’s very embarrassing and teaches you how to embarrass yourself in front of people, so they give you the attention. you desire.


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I always dance infront of the bus driver so i don’t need a ticket. I’m f2p after all.

I hope your dancing is only for the bus driver and no one else

Our ancestors have been doing it for thousands years. It’s something in our nature.

What a failure of an ape you are.


Well you should follow your ancestors and don’t forget the next job interview to do some lailai’s

Who doesn’t do that? It’s a common thing for people to do when having a job interview.

Do you need some medical attention?

omg im so embarrassed my 3d character is dancing for another 3d character >///<

That’s how it starts, then it evolves to dancing to real people