Dates and date formats are all over the place

Point 1, datetime in the notice.

It’s confusing as hell the way date is formatted. Can we please use a sensible convention of either

  • DD/MM/YYYY - day/month/year as 31/01/2022
  • YYYY/MM/YYYY - year/month/day as 2022/01/31 (which also happens to be ISO 8601, an international standard covering the worldwide exchange and communication of date- and time-related data source)

but not this amalgamation where it’s MM/D/YYYY (12/1/2022) that is arguably way harder to parse.

On top of that inclusion of PDT is redundant when you already include UTC time. Just use UTC only.

Point 2, global chat time
This is the current time listed when the message was typed in the global chat

and this is what global chat shows in a timestamp

So what’s with the disparity of 1h? what timezone does global chat use compared to the rest of the game? and while we are on topic of time

Point 3, clock at the top left.
Same as point 1, can we just use UTC globally for everything? This should also make any timezone issues non existent as the client will just need to convert UTC clock from the server client side and eliminate any problems that stem from different parts of the world having different timezones? I by no means mean to say coding this will take no effort, especially if entire server uses CEST instead of UTC, but doing this work once will solve any timezone related issues in the future and is well worth it.


mm/dd/yy is american way of spelling it
dd/mm/yy the rest of the world :slight_smile:


The rest of the world with taste. Americans do all worse to not being confused

or international yyyy-mm-dd

The date is the way NA does it but i agree with the time tho.

Hello! Yes the date format is in mm.dd.yyyy this being the US standard. The ability to change it would be useful?

As for the in game timers, this is something I have previously mentioned to the team, they are aware of the mismatches that occur throughout and are working on it.

Taken from this thread:

Do you know summer time?

Yes using a global date format would be preferable to avoid confusion.
Also the EU time has been broken for several patches.

Use a server time vs a time zone in EU to avoid summer time confusion.
I am under the impression from previous CM posts that because KR is one time zone, the ability to change the time in game was never an issue, thats why its not a simple fix. The ability to choose to display our personal time in regards to the clock/calendar/events would obviously be preferable in the future if it can be developed. :slight_smile:

YES, USA is part of a very small club using the least logical format, so it is confusing to basically everyone


Oh absolutely, in a perfect world the date and time will match perfectly with what’s on my taskbar.

All this feedback is useful for the team. Thank you.


Thank you for the reply. While I understand that AGS is an American company, the game itself is available in both NA and EU regions and thus it’s prudent to use international standards to avoid confusion between regions, this in turn also means the clock. It’s also a way to show that you care about global audience rather than just NA region with EU having to adapt to how times are written in the game, notices, twitter and forum posts.

I believe it’s far less work development wise, speaking as software engineer myself, to use international format instead of adding various toggles to how time is displayed that average user will not go into. Ideally the game would have an option to show local time and UTC times, with local time showing time in the region game is played in, but I’d rather have a universal solution at this stage and add this, very nice, QOL improvement at a later point.

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I also still want to draw attention to the use of UTC rather than CEST or anything else. UTC, in the name, is a universal time. It’s incredibly easy to convert the datetime from it to your local timezone as almost all devices in the world use it as a reference point, starting from when you set up your phone to when you make a reservation in the calendar where it asks which timezone you wish to display the date in, with conversion point being UTC +offset.

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you have my vote on this topic

What is the gold number above the time represent?

The thread is covering the DST issues NA had which got 3 patches to fix it. Now EU has a DST issue and we are already waiting for a month without even any try to fix it. It really isn’t hard to get the system locale, finding out which timezone is accepted there and displaying the proper time for them. Or if you just want a band-aid fix get the system time and display that, which is really easy to do.

Why do we need to display the server time in the first place? I don’t care what time it is on your server. I want to know when an event is starting in my local time. Coincidentally that would be the same timezone the server is in, if the server would follow the standard and switch to CEST when we switch DST.

I actually have no clue.