WHY IS THIS AN ISSUE!!! SIMPLE FIX AWARD THE SET FOR COMPLETING PUNIKA OR MAKE IT TRADEABLE LIKE IT IS IN THE OTHER TIERS!!! WHY IS THIS STILL A PROBLEM!!! @Roxx @Smilegate @ AGS What is the reason behind this, a 3rd day my character cannot do anything in t3 because i didnt get a pair of damn gloves. NA VERSION IS A WASTELAND!!!

I mean it took almost 2 months to make crafted potions tradeable. Like COME ON MAKE SOME NOISE THIS IS DOG!!!

i reckon it happened to me once and the 1100 1st time should have a chest full with basic 1302 gear so you can get and do the content.


Or it should simply be tradeable like it is in every other tier, every other region. Like come on. I feel like they are TRYING to kill this game at this point: every move they make is the WRONG one. AGS you were handed a gold mine and you’re ruining it. Amazing job.


My partner and I both got our full t3 sets on the same day we were able to do Punika chaos. She got her full set in one chaos run. RNG is RNG. Go do something else while you wait for your set. When you get your full set the honing rates past +6 drop to 60% anyways then 40% on 8 - 9. This game isn’t meant to be consumed in a month.

People like you are the problem. Who know nothing and co-sign this trash. This post is about how every tier in every region, rewards this gear as a quest reward or it is tradeable.

Has nothing to do with consumption, on my t3 alt who I need setup to farm, to feed my main in this wasteland NA, system, should NOT Hit bla 3 day roadblock due to one blue set piece. Go somewhere with that trash enabling mentality. Asking to be in line with the other regions is not a crime. Stop trying to make people feel like it is.

BUMP this.