Day 3, still region blocked

Just like many others, I’m still region blocked, even though I’m located in eastern Canada. I live in an apartment complex, so getting a new IP is not going to fly.

My current workaround is to use Geforce Now, which I’ve paid $10 USD to get the 6-hour play session instead of 1 hour. My static Valtan Hard raid is coming up soon, and I do not want to miss it. This effectively made Lost Ark a subscription-based game for me. Paying for Geforce Now was my choice, so I’m not very salty about it. At least I can play the game.

What I’m salty about, is the fact that these region blocks are doing NOTHING to bots, but it’s only hurting real legitimate players. Why do AGS and SGR continue to ban IPs when it’s clearly not working? Both companies refuse to implement such a low-hanging fruit solution of hiring temporary in-game GMs to ban bots. I do understand that a scalable solution is required in the long run, but continuing to enforce these blocks in the mean time isn’t the right way. Especially when this solution is only hurting real players.

It’s been 3 days now, and I hope to god this doesn’t turn into months.


And they still haven’t addressed it. Either they don’t care or they realize how bad they messed up.

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Same here man. I feel your pain.

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GeForce Now is my next step, especially the longer this remains an issue. It’s very concerning that these problems started back in late-April/early-May, and are ongoing, for some. I’m here freaking out over a couple days, so I can only imagine their frustration. Ohh wait, they probably quit the game because there was no other option provided by AGS. NICE JOB Amazon!

Can you introduce me to GF now, I would like to try this method too.

I’m sorry that you got banned, can you at least get a refund on your bot software?

I’m clearly not banned… I can play just fine through Geforce Now. My IP range was blocked for whatever reason. Grats, you are the reason why this forum is so toxic.

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Try this, literally just worked for me:

Nice, will be reporting you for ban evasion. Good luck!

Dont mind the troll. For whatever reason i am able to log into the game now and i didnt change any of my settings. You might want to try on your IP again.

0/10 trolling

Trolling? I’ve already flagged this to the mods. How is ban evasion trolling? Is it any different from the in-game version of fleeing a warrant? The guys IP is banned and instead of talking to support he’s in the forum’s professing his innocence :laughing:

Dude have you not been on the forums in the past 48 hours? Look at all the “region lock” and “error 10010” posts in support. Hundreds/thousands of people were falsely IP banned myself included.

You mean at the same time as they did a giant bot/RMT ban wave? Funny that.

Yeah because Amazon Games has never made a mistake (New World) with game breaking bugs before. It’s ok you can sit on your high horse though.

Submit a ticket to Support. If you’re innocent you have nothing to fear but if not I guess you’ll be in the forums crying some more.

Guess what i had the 10010 fake ban because of my IP and out of nowhere i can now use my IP. I didnt even support a ticket. Guess i should stop gold spamming on 1427 gs charecter though. you got me,

Why are you so salty kid. Nobody wants you on the forum if you are too thick to keep track of game breaking bugs/glitches.

Its funny, you’re the only one throwing around insults so I do have to wonder which of us is the insecure one.

Anyway, people only come to the forums for sympathy but if this guy wants a fix then he’s going to have to contact Support at some point. If he has nothing to fear then I’m sure he’ll be playing again soon.