Day 35 Stronghold Quest Still Bugged

I don’t want to be that guy and I’ve been having a lot of fun playing the game, getting to Tier 3 and overall just enjoying the content but I have a huge issue now.

My Stronghold has been bugged since before Launch.
On March 9th Galatur US East crashed hard. I’ve sent support tickets and waited, contacted amazon and waited and messaged the mods or devs can’t remember what we call them @Seawolf and @Roxx and waited.

I understand that they have so much to do with the launches of Events, New Raids, Skins and so much more content, which I fully appreciate, but what about everyone whose stronghold is bugged so that we cant use our Farm, or the Mine. I don’t have Feasts. I cant even unlock The Training Area or even the Knowledge Transfer so that I can passively gain exp on my alts which I now need being hard stuck at 1347. Im losing out on thousands of gold a week because I cant farm Stronghold mats to craft Items of higher value. It is just so frustrating having put almost 400 hours of gameplay and seeing people who showed up after launch, had their stronghold fully available, blow past my ilevel because they were able to use the stronghold to level Alts and Farm Mats that help Progression. People making thousands of gold more than I can and be able to then turn that into mats to get more chances at gearing up. To not have to run from Rethramis to East Luterra with all the Bots, who speed hack and take all the available mob kills and mission mobs, extending further the time it takes to get out the early continents, to be able to progress to a place where I am able to feed my main materials.

I don’t know what else to say or do its kind of outrageous and makes me feel like I payed for prelaunch for a bugged Stronghold. No one has responded for 2 weeks and every time I ask someone for help the only answer I get is they are working on it. And I know its not as easy as “Force finishing the quest” so I can move on to the next quest but maybe it is and I can move on and get some alts leveled up without being gated by the bots who essentially camp all the mob spawns with like 15 of them on every map on every channel.

I know its not a huge issue for most Devs and most players because this only happened to the people lucky enough to be a part of the prerelease and be doing stronghold things when the game crashed but to just be flat out ignored for 35 days is like they are saying hey you don’t really matter we already got your money and we don’t care if u quit or have to struggle.

I understand they had given us the option of creating a new account or change servers but to be told that I cant have the name I want, which is basically the whole reason I got the prerelease, or I would have to swap servers entirely, so I cant play with my friends, or I would have to create a new Steam account, so that I could play with my friends, and would still lose out on the name I wanted, and possibly not have a way to get all my founders stuff.

I feel like I have waited patiently enough but when I’m seeing things like the tooltip adjusting to what key we are using, which is an amazing QoL change, because its for everyone and not just a small percentage of population just feels like the Devs don’t give a **** if I played or didn’t. Whether we spent money or time as long as it didn’t affect most of the population.


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Hope you get your stuff fixed man. I feel your pain.

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